King's St Alban's

24 January

Dinky Street visit sparks imagination

Dinky Street Visit for Early Years Pupils:

Reception and Nursery pupils enjoyed a joint trip to Dinky Street role play village. Here they got to explore a bakery, doctors surgery, vets, supermarket, building site, theatre and hairdressers. Reception are currently learning all about different roles in the community as part of their ‘People Who Help Us’ topic. The trip gave all the children the opportunity to take part in different roles. For some of the children it was their first minibus trip, as such we had lots of excited chatter and questions. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the mini play areas that were full of play food, props and real objects to share. Pupils especially enjoyed trying on the dressing up costumes and getting into character.

It was lovely to see the children try their hand at lots of different roles. Above all, the staff were very proud of the children’s behaviour. Katy Hadfield, Assistant Head, Pre-Prep said: “We have all had a wonderful time at Dinky Street, the children have learnt so much and they have enjoyed the opportunity to play the different roles they have been finding out about. There has been plenty of sharing and group play on display, particularly between the older pupils and the younger pupils”. After a busy morning of role playing the children sat down to a lovely packed lunch. The journey back to school was slightly quieter, with many of the pupils enjoying a nap. The children had a wonderful day sparking imaginations at Dinky Street.

Trips at King’s St Alban’s

At King’s trips form an important part of our pupil’s learning and we believe these experiences have a strong positive impact on child well-being. Children are able to form strong friendships as they embrace the freedom of learning outside the classroom. Trips create memories which are long lasting. It is safe to say that all children enjoyed the experience of learning beyond the classroom. We have noticed that heir play back in the classroom has been enhanced by their trip to Dinky Street.