King's St Alban's

8 October

Sporting success in abundance.

U9 Hockey festival at Winterfold

The U9s embarked on their first hockey match representing King’s St Alban’s on Tuesday afternoon. With two teams, all girls played extremely well. Both teams played three games each (six in total) and we won some, drew some and lost some matches. As it was 4-a-side, all girls were having to play attack and defence. It was just lovely to see the girls enjoying being in a match. Certainly, their game play has improved from this. The afternoon was nicely rounded off with some fishfingers! Well done girls, you were brilliant!


U9 Rugby Festival at Abberley

As always the minibus was full of excitement on Tuesday afternoon as the U9s made their way over to Abberley for their second rugby festival of the term!


The U9 boys impressed with their skill and determination. It was brilliant to see the boys incorporating so much of what we have learnt in our games lessons and putting it into game scenarios.


The first game saw us play King’s Hawford, and from the first whistle we looked very good with the ball, using good pace and quick changes of direction to beat their opponents on several occasions. Reuben stood out in this game and scored several tries. The next game was a very hard-fought battle, a highly competitive game against RGS The Grange. In this game, King’s St Alban’s scored the try of the festival with some brilliantly timed passes between Monty, Reuben, Joel and Sam. Our defence stood strong and Humphrey, Tom and William made a few try-saving tackles. Arslan represented the school for the first time and showed great enthusiasm and work rate.


A few things for the boys to work on in their games lessons going forward include making the right decisions of hitting the space and gaps in the defence and continuing to work on our positional organisation when setting up with and without the ball. Overall, the boys played brilliantly and we are really looking forward to seeing their progression and skill development throughout the rest of the term.


U11 RGS The Grange Hockey Tournament

What a fantastic afternoon of hockey! It’s great to see how much progress the girls have made in such a short time. They worked hard on keeping the ball moving and not losing possession. We also developed their defending of the self-pass, which they called their ‘pizza’ move. Excellent team spirit was evident throughout the afternoon and the girls were delighted to go through to the semi-final. We are now looking forward to the IAPS Tournament on Monday.


Abberley Hall Cross-Country

Eight of our Year 6 athletes joined runners from 13 other schools on Thursday for the Abberley Hall Cross-Country. Lining up to start in a large field of runners, our pupils were determined to do their best and all of them got off to a good start. The course is quite gruelling and the terrain at times difficult. We lost shoes, fell in the mud, and got particularly dirty, but this did not deter any of our runners.