King's St Alban's

9 December

Sports round-up: A dazzling end to the season.

U11A vs Winterfold

The U11A team ended a fine season with a dazzling performance against an impressive Winterfold team.  The boys have made super progress with handling, offloading and line speed, with a number of players capable of breaking tackles.  The missing link in recent weeks has been tackling, which we were keen to be address in this match.  So, told to move forward together, ‘boss’ the tackle line and go in hard and low, Winterfold scored two tries in the first two minutes and a feeling like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s after the Liverpool match filled the air!  No matter, the boys responded with a committed and impressive performance.  The mud helped the boys confidence in the contact and they all tackled with desire, control and enthusiasm.  Winterfold were a good side – probably the best we have met this term – and no quarter was asked or given.  Guy and Tommy were everywhere and Sam C grew in confidence and produced his best performance of the season.  There was a real ‘we’re all in this together’ feel and it was lovely to see the boys enjoying their rugby.  Some muddy, smiley boys won a great game 7-6 before freshening up for the Carol Service!  All in an afternoon’s work at King’s St Alban’s!


U11B v Winterfold

What a brilliant way to finish a splendid term of rugby! On Wednesday the boys had the perfect conditions for a game of rugby: soft ground under foot and the Storm Barra rain behind us. It was good to get every boy in Year 6 involved. Starting off slowly, with everyone struggling to move their feet quickly enough to get in to the correct body position to make a tackle, this drastically improved in the second half. The boys did exactly what was asked of them during the half time team talk. Throughout the whole game we demonstrated excellent handling and offloading. Jack T and Sebastian C impressed with their running with the ball and their aggression to make important try-saving tackles. Near the end of the game the boys scored a truly brilliant try, incorporating so many different aspects that they have worked on this year. George H counter-rucked powerfully, gaining back possession of the ball; the boys then moved the ball along the line with quick hands. It ended up with Felix, where he showed his pace to  pass a good few players, waiting for the perfect time to pass the ball to Jack, who put the ball down over the line!


U11 Hockey v Winterfold

The U11A team ended the season by demonstrating all the skills and tactics we have been working on through this term. The girls worked up and down the field as a unit and were confident to run with the ball when there wasn’t a pass available. They got their heads up and linked together some excellent passes, working on getting the ball out wide. The tackles were strong and well-timed. Alice K had her best game of the term and was impassable as the last man in defence. Lucia and Lara made some excellent passes into the D and Lucia had several impressive shots on goal from the top of the D, one of which went in to win us the game. Lucia was chosen by Winterfold as ‘Player of the Match.’ This was a great team effort to finish the season!


U11 B and C Hockey matches v Winterfold

The girls had a wonderful last hockey match for King’s St Alban’s. They certainly put into practice all they have learnt. Liv S had two making shots on goal and was unlucky not to score. Positioning by Arabella was excellent and she made some nice runs up the left wing on her reverse stick. The final score was 0-0. In the C team Daisy (Player of the Match) made some nice defensive shots and then even brought up the ball to create some chances in goal. We were unlucky on a couple of occasions but then a good pass by Lily to Izzy and then to Persephone resulted in a superb goal. Winterfold just snuck in a winning goal before the whistle, resulting in a 1-2 loss. The girls should be proud; they have come a long way this term, well done!