King's Hawford

23 September

A busy week for King’s Hawford teams

This week teams from Years 5 and 6 represented the school in matches against Blue Coat, RGS The Grange and The Elms, whilst our Year 4 boys were involved with a Rugby Festival at RGS The Grange. It is great to see all players improve week on week, taking skills from their Games lessons and putting them into practice in matches.

Girls’ Hockey

U11A Girls’ Hockey v RGS The Grange 

The U11A made a nervous start but they soon got stuck in. A wayward pass from RGS saw Zofia grab the opportunity and capitalise. It was a warm afternoon and the girls began to fade from the heat. RGS continued to press forward and regularly challenged our defence, with Charlotte B putting in a tremendous amount of effort. Amelia M worked incredibly hard in the centre, releasing the ball upfield on several occasions and getting back to assist defence as needed. It was a great learning curve for the girls and they were able to take plenty away from the game.

U11B Girls’ Hockey v RGS The Grange 

The U11B team are just starting to get to grips with the roles of each of the positions. The girls put in a solid performance on the day after a slow start and valiantly battled to gain possession of the ball. Elissa worked like a trouper in the centre and, when disciplined, Katia picked up some great interceptions. Emily J saved some cracking shots on goal.

U10 Girls’ Hockey v Blue Coat

The U10 girls have worked hard this week competing in not one but two fixtures. Monday saw the girls travel to The Blue Coat School in Birmingham for the first match of the week. The weather was great but unfortunately the heat did seem to slow the team. The girls struggled to keep the ball in their possession and on occasions forgot how important it is to spread out using the whole pitch. It quickly became obvious that our passing was too soft and this meant the ball was given away a few too many times. After the match the team had a very positive team talk from Miss Holtham and highlighted areas that needed work ahead of the next match. Well done to Harriette, who was awarded player of the match.

U10 Girls’ Hockey v RGS The Grange

On Wednesday the U10s crossed the road to RGS The Grange for another afternoon of hockey which saw the girls play two matches. Today’s hockey was completely different from Monday’s with the girls ready from the start. They worked hard, putting in some excellent tackles and wining the ball back on many occasions. It was great to see them working as a team; looking and calling for one another to pass to, they spread out across the pitch and fought hard throughout both games. Arya worked her socks off on the wing and listened hard to everything she was told on the day. Edith and Michelle each took a turn in goal and both did a great job clearing the ball away from our end. Rose was the player of the match in game one and Erin impressed the other team to receive player of the match for game two.

U8 & U9 Girls’ Hockey v RGS The Grange

U8 and U9 teams had their first fixture for the term on Tuesday against RGS The Grange. For some of the team this was their first ever fixture and this meant there were a few nervous girls. The U8’s played three small games each of 4 vs 4. Doing this for the younger ones means all girls get to participate in all matches. All girls worked well in their teams and put in a great effort against RGS, achieving their objectives to work as a team and to spread out on pitch.

The U9’s split into two matches so all of the girls were able to participate throughout the fixture. The girls worked well as a team and were calling for the ball; they were learning how important it is to spread out on the pitch. The girls put in some good tackles and our defence worked hard to clear the ball out. The girls finished their first fixture with smiles on their faces, which really is the sign of a good day.

A great week of sport for the girls, all girls have played this week and it’s great to see them smiling and enjoying being part of a team at King’s Hawford.

Boys’ Rugby

U11 Rugby vs RGS The Grange & The Elms

On Wednesday our U11 boys played a triangular fixture against teams from RGS The Grange and The Elms at RGS The Grange. Ahead of the games the boys had been set some clear objectives by the King’s Hawford coaching staff. During the games the boys were asked to concentrate on moving the ball wide and tackling. The boys played well and it is great to see them gelling as a team. The following players impressed during the games: Bertie D, Bertie G, Henry LA, Henry K and Essa I. The focus for next week’s games will be moving the ball wide.

U10 Rugby vs RGS The Grange & The Elms

The U10 boys played their first competitive match of the season on home turf this week, welcoming RGS The Grange to King’s Hawford. In recent games lessons the boys have been focusing on accurate tackling and passing. The coaching staff were impressed to see the boys putting this into practice throughout the game. Special mention goes to Hudson M, Freddie M and Barnaby B. Off the back of the game, the coaching staff were able to identify key areas that need to be worked on ahead of next week’s fixtures, namely pressing defence and the use of space in attack.

U9 Rugby Festival at RGS The Grange 

Tuesday saw our U9 rugby team attend another festival, this time at RGS The Grange. The boys are growing with confidence each week and their rugby is improving as a result. Rugby Festivals offer young teams the chance to hone their skills. The focus for the boys in the matches was to find space and make use of it. The boys put in a superb effort on the day and the staff were extremely proud of the team. Henry W, George O, Luca M, Otto E and Palmer G all stood out on the day!

It was great to see all of the teams enjoying their sport this week. Catch up on last week’s sport news here.