King's St Alban's

18 March

Celebrating Success: Spring Term Week 10

The spring successes keep on coming which made for a packed Celebration Assembly.

Thank you to Sixth Form student, David, for opening our assembly with a rousing trombone solo from Guilmant’s Morceau Symphonies. It is not often our children hear the trombone played as a solo instrument and they were clearly enthralled throughout.



  • A Super Star award went to Luna for always sharing and making good choices.

Year 1

  • Savannah earned a Focus certificate for a super week of hard work and concentration.
  • Elodie was the class Super Star for always working hard and being sensible.

Year 2

  • For working well with her classmates, Kasvika received an award for Co-operation.
  • Nell received a Super Star award for giving her best in every lesson.

Year 3

  • Mia, Isy, Albert, Mark and James were congratulated for working so hard on their handwriting.
  • James also received a round of applause for being really helpful to Mrs Atkinson when he saw her struggling to carry everything she needed for a lesson.  Well done, James.
  • Handwriting Hero certificates went to Maddie, Marnie, Yifei, Emma, Skye, Tommy and Archie.

Year 4

  • Well done to Monty, who decided to bake and sell cookies in aid of Ukraine. He raised £92, which will be added to our school total.
  • 4J have been measuring their heart rate before and after exercise as part of their studies in science.  Rueben and Jasper were commended on their excellent write-ups, which included well thought out conclusions and super presentation.

Year 5

  • The children have been looking at how to portray a character’s inner qualities in their writing and Ace and Ella were congratulated on their excellent work.

Year 6

  • Well done to  JM, Felix and Harry, who received Silver times tables awards.
  • Yiming progressed to the Bonus Round in the Primary Maths Challenge and today received his Silver Award certificate.  This is a great achievement in this very tough national competition.
  • Mrs Hand was very impressed with JM’s atlas skills this week.  He can recognise any country from its outline.
  • The children have been practising using the ‘show don’t tell’ technique in their writing this week and Alanna, Lilly-Mae and Florence were congratulated on their fantastic efforts.
  • Well done to all who took part in yesterday’s  IAPS Swimming Regional Qualifiers.  Everyone excelled themselves, particularly the girls’ relay teams and also Mia, Lara, Harry and Aiden, who had fantastic individual races.


  • Well done to the children involved in AFP this week.  The challenge was to work in a team of three to build as tall a tower as possible from paper straws.  Everyone worked hard and the resultant towers were very impressive indeed!  Well done to George, Rory, Oliver, Arthur, JM, Yiming, Ollie, Ivy and Barnaby.


Logo Lift Off!

  • Thank you to everyone who entered the Logo Lift-Off competition  Four entries from each House will be sent to the national competition:

                                      Armstrong: Alanna, Sophia, Monty, Eamon

                                      Bailey: Felix, Zara, Reuben, Katie

                                      Thomas: Mia, Alice, Mortimer, Arslan

                                      Wilson: Rosie, Ben J, Ollie J, Georgia


Keep up the hard work – we look forward to celebrating lots more spring successes next week.