King's St Alban's

26 May

Strong friendships at King’s St Alban’s.

On Monday lunchtime, Year 3 and Year 4 pupils welcomed Dr Kate Mason to their assembly. A familiar face at King’s St Alban’s, Dr Kate Mason is the King’s Worcester, School Psychologist and she talked about friendships and what makes a good friend.

The cohort impressed Dr Mason with their excellent, thoughtful ideas of how to be a good friend and the sorts of things friends should do for others. Pupils suggested that being respectful, kind, trustworthy and helping someone when they’re sad. Moving on, Dr Mason discussed what to do should anyone fall out with their friends. There were some excellent ‘top tip’ suggestions being bounced around the room, including listening, giving friends space, encouraging friends to write down their worries or talk to an adult.

Dr Mason encouraged the children to implement all of their excellent suggestions and strategies as they go through life. Leaving the informative and thought-provoking assembly, one pupil commented, “I am going to be the best friend to all of my friends; I am going to listen to their worries and try to help them out whenever I can.”

As part of King’s St Alban’s commitment to our pupils’ well-being and mental health, in addition to a series of workshops aimed at pupils Kate ran a workshop attended by Prep and Pre-Prep school parents. The workshop addressed the importance of having meaningful conversations with children and how to approach these effectively with children who are feeling overwhelmed or anxious. The session equipped parents with a plethora of simple, practical strategies to help parents support their children to manage feelings. Parents who were unable to attend the session are reminded that the presentation slides are available upon request from the School Office.

We extend a massive thank you to Dr Kate Mason for all of her support and guidance this academic year and look forward to welcoming her back to King’s St Alban’s in the near future.