King's Sixth Form

21 February

Student Leadership Spotlight – Luke Beever

Luke Beever (U6S) is one of our two Senior Scholars. He combines this academic leadership role with success on the sporting front and undoubtedly has an exciting future ahead. He writes:

“Receiving university offers is an exciting time for all the Upper Sixth and provides a real reward for all the hard work put in over the course of several years. For me, holding a number of offers is both a relief and a motivation.

Whilst being one of the Senior Scholars is a big responsibility, it allows me an unparalleled view into the academic life of many other year groups and insight into their successes.

Hearing the Lower Sixth talk about universities and knowing that I can offer mature and sensible advice is an important responsibility for the Senior Scholar.  In addition, seeing the younger years gain experience and competence is truly remarkable. I feel secure in the knowledge that I will be leaving the school to those year groups in safe hands.

I had the privilege of being appointed a Monitor alongside my position as Senior Scholar. Writing and delivering a Monitor’s Address was an unforgettable experience and something I am honoured to have done.

Similarly, it is a privilege to represent the school on both the river and the playing fields and these experiences will provide fond memories of my time at King’s.

Being a student leader has been challenging but I would like to think that I have offered help and support and brought something new at every opportunity. My experience of the Sixth Form has been amazing, from beginning to end, and I cannot wait to go out into the world with all the wonderful support, knowledge and guidance from my school career behind me.

There are many leadership opportunities available to our Sixth Formers, especially our Upper Sixth. Monitors, Heads of House, Captains and Scholars all have a vital role to play within our school community.