King's Worcester

23 March

Student Leadership Spotlight – Rhys Watkins

Rhys W is a fantastically motivated and proactive student in the U6. He holds a number of roles of responsibility. He writes:

“In the past year, while I have worked on my university application for engineering, I have had the opportunity to reflect on how my leadership roles within the school are important to me.

“The role of Contingent SNCO in the Combined Cadet Force has presented me with many challenges and has allowed me to develop my leadership skills considerably. As it is a role I share with Jamie W, it has helped me to develop my ability to work in a team. This is particularly important as I must work with the other NCOs to coordinate training for the cadets. It has also provided me with unforgettable experiences such as flying, gliding and competing at national level competitions.

Student Leadership Spotlight – Rhys Watkins 3

“Leadership is extremely important in the CCF as it is important to keep moral high while enacting change to improve life as a cadet. What I love about the role is that it allows me to work with the younger cadets to make sure that they have as great an experience in the CCF as I have had.

“Likewise, it was a great privilege to be appointed as a Monitor. This role gives me the opportunity to make a real change to school life and also develop my public speaking and leadership skills. Writing and delivering my Monitor’s address was a fantastic opportunity and an unforgettable experience that I will likely never have again.

Student Leadership Spotlight – Rhys Watkins

“I am extremely grateful for these opportunities as they have provided me with leadership skills that will help me at university and in later life as an engineer.”

Student Leadership Spotlight – Rhys Watkins 2

(Rhys W pictured holding trophy from the Regional CCF competition where KSW came third)

There are many leadership opportunities available to our Sixth Formers, especially our Upper Sixth. Monitors, Heads of House, Captains and Scholars all have a vital role to play within our school community.