Study at King's

The King's School, Worcester is an academically selective school where pupils work in small classes with others of a similar ability.

To maintain a good breadth of learning, the students do not narrow down any of their options until Year Ten. A choice of Modern Languages is needed earlier but that is to choose two out of three languages; we offer a taste of all three European languages in Year Seven, to help the pupils decide. There are small carousels in the younger years to help accommodate the wide range of timetabled activities and subjects on offer; twenty-one in Year Nine.

When the time comes to make choices, both the GCSEs and A Levels are offered up as single lists, from which the students make their choices. Only afterward are the columns built, so as to allow for the maximum number of students to do their desired combination.

We aim high and expect our pupils to manage ten GCSE subjects comfortably and then a full A Level course with the expectation that they will go on to university. As a result, over ninety-five percent of our students go on to Higher Education.

Subjects are examined by either iGCSE, GCSE or A Level courses. While having a very close ear to the educational ground, we remain convinced that these qualifications continue to be held in the highest regard by universities and employers.

We do, however, constantly review what we offer, so that the students have an education that is fit for the modern world.