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7 May

Sublime ‘Sacred Space’, a concert by OV composer

We were very excited to hear recently of a wonderful review in Klassik Musikk for a concert, by OV Marcus Davidson (Br 75-84) : ‘Sacred Space’ in the Bergen Church Music Festival, performed last year.

‘Sacred Space’ is a work composed by Marcus for organ and electronics and is an exciting work that sets the tone for the concert. Davidson listened to recordings made by scientists from space, which was his inspiration. Organist Anders Eidsten Dahl alternates between virtuoso and intense static organ playing and the music drew the audience into a musical chaos that turns into broad soundscapes. The review of Marcus’s composition says, “This is a beautiful work with delicate, free-tonal harmonies that are reminiscent of Fartein Valen’s expressive tonal language. The vocal ensemble appears as a cohesive organism with listening vocalists. One can only sit back and enjoy their sublime intonation.”

You can listen to this piece on YouTube here

Whilst attending King’s School, Marcus was a chorister at Worcester Cathedral. On leaving School, he read Music at Birmingham University, studying composition with Vic Hoyland, and he received a master’s degree in composition at City University, London, studying with Rhian Samuel.

Marcus is currently focusing on music that reflects sounds from nature, often working with recordings in his compositions. He has special interests in organ, vocal and electro-acoustic music. Marcus has also worked in ballet and contemporary dance, composing and playing for London professional schools and companies, as well as Norway’s leading contemporary dance company, Carte Blanche.

He shared with us, “I live just outside Bergen on the west coast of Norway, and we have our own fjord of course! I teach music, direct a couple of choirs and spend the rest of the time writing music. I do a double take sometimes that I do all my work in Norwegian, you never know where life will take you!”

We were thrilled to catch this super news and hope we can tempt Marcus back to visit us, and especially our Music department here at King’s, when he is next back in the UK.

Marcus Davidson playing the organ