King's St Alban's

25 February

Success for Fundraiser Leo

Congratulations are due for our fundraiser Year 4 pupil, Leo, who not only reached success by completing his Great Malvern Hill Climb over half term, but also smashed his fundraising target for The Trussell Trust. Well done from everyone at King’s St Alban’s!

We reported before half term about Leo’s great idea to tackle food poverty on behalf of The Trussell Trust by climbing the Malvern Hills, and how all the children at King’s St Alban’s supported Leo’s great effort by collectively travelling the distance to the Worcestershire Beacon themselves.

Despite the rather challenging half term weather and a very busy period at work, Leo, his father and brother all managed to find time to complete the walk on Sunday. They said it was a wonderful family event that felt truly meaningful and a huge achievement both physically and as a fundraiser for the charity. Leo hit an amazing £1,188 over the weekend and with the top up of Gift Aid means he has raised an amazing £1,441.50.  We are thrilled for Leo’s success as a fundraiser, and we can all draw inspiration from how one person, at any age, can make such a positive difference and drive change for a cause you believe in.

Leo wrote to all the major supermarkets in the UK with new ideas of tackling food poverty, including the idea of having a button on their tills to enable immediate donations to food banks. We are excited to announce that Leo has heard that Waitrose has confirmed they are implementing his idea in quarter two this year.  We are thrilled and proud that Leo has had such an impact on a major supermarket’s policy and resulted in what should be a convenient way for thousands of UK shoppers to donate and make a positive, ongoing difference to tackle food poverty.

Thank you for all the support you and the wider school have shown Leo with his fundraising, it really demonstrates that KSA is a wonderful school with amazing staff and a huge sense of community

Leo's father