King's Worcester

15 October

Successes for King’s Rowers in their First Race of the Year

On Saturday 6th October King’s competed in Worcester Head, here on the River Severn over a distance of four thousand five hundred metres. The weather was not on our side, with rain throughout the morning division, so our crews wrapped up and headed up to the start line eager to do their first race of the season. The first division was very successful with wins from the J18 Single (Will Gorner), Women’s Double (Libby Griffiths-Garbett, Faith Murray), Women’s J16 Double (Beatrice Beever, Georgina Thorp) and J15 Double (Luke Beever, Leo Rendall-Baker). The J18 Quad (David Watson, Henry Edmonds, Tom Eaton, and Mark Salkeld) and Women’s J18 Double (Emily Havercroft, Bea Evans) managed an impressive second place. With the Women’s J18 Double (Liberty Colebourne, Anna Jethwa) not far behind in third place. The J16 Single (Oliver Timlin) narrowly missed out on first place by a couple of seconds to come second.

The success continued into the afternoon division with wins from the J18 Double (Will Gorner, Tom Eaton), Women’s J18 Four (Anna Jethwa, Kate Emsley, Tara Barrington, Imogen Carter and Caitlyn Hawkesford-Johnson), Women’s J16 Quad (Anna Fryers, Amy Yorke-Brooks, Bethan Fox, Olivia Howard), J15 Quad (Luke Beever, Fred Allan, Leo Rendall-Baker, Andrew Smithson, and Finn Watkins), and Women’s J15 Double (Izzy Trow, Felicity Quiney). Second place from J16 Double (Archie Stephan, Alex Checkley) and a close third behind them was J16 Double (Thomas Angell, Oliver Timlin). The Women’s J18 Four (Bea Evans, Amelia Clark, Nemi Edwards, Liberty Colebourne and Ellen Copeman). Overall it was a very successful event, with many impressive results. King’s will next be racing at Wycliffe Small Boats Head on Saturday 1st December.