King's St Alban's

28 May

Sun finally shines on cricket

Cricket Round-Up Wk6

This week the sun has finally shone on our cricket matches. The Summer Term has not been blessed with sunshine and unfortunately several matches have fallen victim to the inclement weather. That being said it was wonderful to see some sunshine and drier conditions this week. It has been brilliant to see our children enjoying competitive sport again this term.

U9 A Cricket v The Elms

In a terrific match which saw The Elms win by 7 runs (256-263) we once again witnessed the evolving of this exciting team, which is learning, growing, and flourishing, in every game. 

Personally, I’m delighted that girls who are of equal standard are being given the chance to play in these matches. It is what sport is about: opportunities for all, regardless of gender, and we witnessed that once again in this game.  As the team grow, learn, and are cheered on, this group will rise extremely quickly to the top.  Erin bowled superbly, Barnaby the same and Ella is coming on well. Peter and Will are a strong opening batting-pair, Emily thoroughly enjoyed her taste of ‘A’ team cricket and both Ralphie and Harry were batting beyond their years. 

If you haven’t come to watch yet, do come and cheer loudly from the boundary.

Mr Benham

U9 v King’s Hawford

A fantastic afternoon playing ‘Kwik Pairs Cricket‘ against our friends at Hawford. This style of game gave all of the pupils plenty of opportunity to bat and many scored boundaries. The fielding improved as the afternoon progressed with the children chasing balls to stop runs. Penny and Isabelle were particularly successful with the bat and scored many of our runs. Well done to Georgia for being awarded ‘Player of the Match’ by Hawford for her determination when batting. A very close game saw us win by the narrow margin of four runs.

Mrs Clark

U10/11 A v The Elms

The U11 and U10s played a very competitive game against a strong Elms team. Firstly, I would like to say how proud I am of the way the boys played.  They didn’t give up and really gave their all, right to the end. The Elms won the toss and decided to bat first. Tommy and Oscar opened the bowling for KSA and only gave away 11 runs in the first 3 overs, giving away no extras. Angus and Harry bowled next and again I was extremely impressed by both their bowling. Angus has made massive improvements this year and he is getting the ball to turn a lot with his leg spin. The batsmen were really struggling to work out how to play shots against him! Harry just ‘’clicked with his bowling and was finding a great line and length in his 2 overs, making the batsman struggle to score runs against him. Jinc again performed superbly behind the stumps. The Elms scored an impressive 146/2 after 20 overs.

When it was KSA’s turn to bat, Lex and Oscar got us off to a good start, scoring 19 off the first three overs. With a slight lack of communication between batsmen and some great fielding from the Elms, Oscar found himself run out. Lex battled on and played some beautifully timed shots to score 14. Aiden batted confidently, playing a lovely shot to find a gap in the fielders and the ball ran over the boundary for 4.  Unfortunately he was bowled out by a lovely ball from The Elms bowler. Henry and Daniel both came in down the order and played some well timed and executed shots to get themselves a few boundaries and get the score ticking along for King’s St Albans. Unfortunately KSA finished 106/7.

A well-deserved mention goes to Oscar who captained the team brilliantly and kept the boys going throughout.

It was a great game to watch and every single one of the boys who represented the school on Wednesday played brilliantly. Well done all of you!

Mr Hooman

U10/11 B v The Elms

Our fixture today was against the Elms school in Malvern.  Upon arriving we met the opposition team to conduct the toss.  Our captain, Luca, unfortunately lost the toss and the Elms decided to bowl first.  As with any fixture, we were well prepared and ready to start playing.  We made a good start to the game, scoring 30 runs off of the first 8 overs.  Thanks to a superb display of composure and teamwork, Sam and Alex managed to score another 30 run in their partnership off of just 4 overs.  Well done boys!  The excellent batting continued throughout the innings, with Luca and Stephanie coming in to bat as our last pair.  Their commanding and vocal performance saw us score another 26 runs off the last 4 overs of the game.  Well done to all our students for such a fantastic innings with the bat.  We then transferred our confident display over to our bowling with 12 wickets being taken across the team.  It was so pleasing to see how disciplined the children were with the length and line of their bowling.  This is something we have worked on during our game’s sessions and after school clubs and it was fantastic to see this coming to fruition and inspiring us to win the game.  At the end of the game we came together to give three cheers and select players of the match.  The Elms chose Eamon as the King’s St Albans player of the match after a superb bowing performance.  Well done to all involved, for a fantastic afternoons cricket in the sunshine.

Mr Green