Super Curriculum

Super-curricular activities are those that our students do to go beyond what they study in timetabled, curriculum subjects.

At King's this includes (but is not limited to) wider reading, academic clubs and societies, academic enrichment, the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), student journalism, university lectures, essay competitions and online courses.

The King’s super-curriculum has been given the name “ASK”, which stands for Academic Super-curriculum at King's. The name ASK also points to the idea of questioning and the spirit of enquiry which is at the heart of the super-curriculum.

Super Curriculum Aims

By engaging with super-curricular activities we hope that King’s students will retain a strong sense of curiosity about the world and develop a lifelong love of learning. These are incredibly valuable characteristics. A person who is curious and who enjoys learning for its own sake will never be bored and is likely to find unexpected opportunities opening up to them. In addition to this, super-curricular engagement will improve a student's independent learning skills and give them a deeper level of understanding of what really interests them. This will help ensure they are very well-positioned to gain competitive university places and make the most of undergraduate study after they leave King's.