King's St Alban's

11 June

Super work celebrated in Assembly

Celebration Assembly:


  • Well done to Daniel for his focus in all lessons.
  • Super Star award to Bertie for his engagement and focus in all areas of learning.

Year 1:

  • Nell received a certificate for her impressive focus and independence.
  • Well done Millie for her Super Star award for listening and focus.

Year 2:

  • Archie has been showing fantastic attention to detail, care and focus in his work this week.
  • Skye has achieved a super star award for outstanding work ethic and being a caring friend

Year 1:

  • Alban and Greta have been showing really great work In Maths, finding change in their money work.

Year 5:

  • In Humanities, Year 5 have been learning about the Rain Forest. They listened to sound scopes and looked some vivid photos to inspire have done some amazing descriptive writing.  Well done to Felix, Florence, Jess, Sam and Taylor Mae on their fantastic work!

Year 4:

  • 4R have been designing magic shirts, with abilities ranging from dragon slaying and ghost hunting to containing a survival kit and parachute!

Year 3:

  • Year 3 have been doing absolutely sterling work in their times tables! Joel, Karla, Reuben, Laura, Magnus and Jack have all achieved their Platinum awards – how amazing!
  • Year three have also been undertaking some problem-solving in maths. Well done to Reuben, Charlotte and Phoebe for their resilience and well done to Magnus, Laura and Jasper for their perseverance.
  • Sebastian, James and Wilf from 3A have been working especially well, particularly in Maths, well done boys!

Year 6:

  • Well done to Josh L in Year 6 who passed the Primary maths challenge Bonus Round, which is incredibly impressive!
  • Year 6 have now completed their carousel activities and Mr Braithwaite wanted to praise 6HM and 6KB for the wonderful writing, acting and discussion about Shakespeare. Particular praise goes to Florence, Flo, Lucy, Katie, Chloe, Melissa, Angus, Jinc, Issy, James P, Maheen, Heidi, Ed C and Giles.
  • We had Year 6 Chorister Benedict play the Petit Fantaisie and Bolero by Charles Dancle on his violin – beautiful playing, Benedict!
  • Fantastic news from Melissa who has achieved her Level 1 Grade 3 distinction in Dance.
  • Mr Berry, coach of the Chess Club has been delighted with the enthusiasm and impeccable manners of Mihika, James, Jinc, Ed.
  • Mrs Clarke has had positive feedback from all this week’s cricket matches, well done to Oscar for his impressive maturity and Angus for winning man of the match!

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