King's St Alban's

8 September

Taking art outside the classroom.

With the first few days of the new academic year being gloriously warm and sunny, pupils in 5P have capitalised on the wonderful weather and have headed outside of the classroom for their Art and Design Technology lessons. Taking the opportunity of venturing into the city of Worcester, and more specifically the historic Friar Street, pupils studied the architecture and design of the Tudor buildings.

With clipboards, paper, charcoal and chalk in hand, pupils undertook some observational drawing, taking particular interest in the shape and structure of the timber framed buildings lining both sides of Friar Street. They created some outstanding pieces, integrating some incredible detail, texture and layering and all whilst balancing clipboards on buildings, pavements and each other. Pupils can feel truly proud of their drawings, which will form strong foundations going forward as pupils go on to designing and building a range of model buildings in the Tudor style.

Although not far, pupils walked from our King’s St Alban’s site via the Cathedral, crossing the main road to Friar Street looking extremely smart and demonstrating exemplary behaviour that continued throughout the duration of the trip – true King’s St Alban’s ambassadors.

The Autumn Term will see our Year 5 cohort not only studying Tudor architecture within their Art and Design Technology lessons but also extending their learning of the topic as part of the History curriculum. We are sure that we will see some excellent cross-curricular activities both in and outside of the classroom throughout the term as they explore, discover and delve into such an exciting topic area. We look forward to hearing from them in due course – watch this space!

Pupils in 5E will also be embarking on a visit to historic Friar Street later in the week as they too kick start their topic on Tudors; we hope that the weather holds for them too.