King's St Alban's

22 June

Taking time out for mindfulness…

Over the course of the final weeks of the academic year, Year 6 pupils have been embracing a series of mindfulness sessions ahead of their transition to ‘Big King’s’ in September.

Led by Mrs Lewis, who leads on all mindfulness activities across King’s St Alban’s, the Year 6 cohort are taking part in a .breathe four-session programme devised by the Mindfulness in School’s Project (MiSP) and specifically aimed at pupils in school ‘transition’ year groups. The programme builds upon the Paws.b mindfulness programme that all Year 5 pupils undertake at King’s St Alban’s.

Each session is designed to last between 30 to 40 minutes. The sessions give pupils the opportunity to dip their toes into mindfulness, and explore the ways in which mindfulness may support them through the highs and the lows of adolescent life. During the course of the sessions, pupils explore the function and structure of key areas of the brain involved in daily experience as well as developing their understanding of social and emotional well-being. The pupils have plenty of time for discussion as well as practicing exercises that they can try in their own time.

In addition, the benefit of the .breathe programme is that it encourages and allows pupils to explore issues around working with the capacity of attention, exploring how we can work with a wandering mind, why humans worry and how we can support ourselves when we do worry. Pupils learn the importance of sleep before exploring what to do if it is a struggle to sleep well, before concluding the sessions by looking at the opportunities and challenges of working skilfully with friendships and other relationships, both in person and online.

Pupils at King’s St Alban’s thoroughly enjoy and benefit from our extensive mindfulness programme. One pupil commented, “It is a time to step away from the day to day life of school, to stop and really think – I love our mindfulness sessions.”

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