King's Hawford

23 September

Team bonding under the stars

Over the past two weeks, classes from Year 4 and Year 6 have had the opportunity to camp overnight at school. This Hawford tradition is seen as a rite of passage for many of our pupils and we are delighted to have been able to kick off this academic year by reintroducing them. The purpose of camps is to help the children bond with their new form and their teachers, as well as get back into the swing of staying away from home overnight. One of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been that children have spent large amounts of time at home over the past 18 months and this has resulted in a degree of separation anxiety for some.

Four camps have taken place since the start of term. Each has started after school clubs have finished and most pupils and staff have left the school grounds. The camps kicked off with a team-building exercise and then a session in the katakanuing on the canal. It was wonderful to see all of the pupils working together to achieve their goals. Katakanuing is always a popular activity with the children and over the years our pupils from Year 6 have become very competent oarsmen. It will be interesting to see how many of our current Year 6 cohort join the King’s Senior Rowing team when they are old enough!


After the team-building activities were complete, dinner was served! Our Year 4 pupils tucked into a camp tea provided by the school on their camp nights, whereas our Year 6 pupils were tasked with preparing and cooking their own food on stoves!

After dinner each night the children gathered around the campfire to listen to a traditional story and toast marshmallows. We are extremely blessed to have access to some wonderful outdoor space at King’s Hawford, which made this experience possible. The camps were a big hit with Year 6 and Year 4, although there were a fair few bleary eyed children (and staff) the next day! We were extremely lucky with the weather and each camp were able to marvel at the incredible Hawford sunsets. The children had a brilliant time creating memories and we hope these are memories that stay with them for a very long time.

A big thank you to all the wonderful staff who gave up their home comforts to run these camps. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.