King's St Alban's

23 May

Team building at ‘Big King’s’.

Coming off timetable on Friday afternoon, Year 5 were ready and raring to take part in a fun-filled session of team building. It also offered our Year 5 cohort the opportunity to get to know the new King’s Worcester Monitors who were supporting the event.

Kick-starting the session by putting their map reading skills to the test, the pupils embraced an orienteering activity, working together in order to locate various objects and buildings around the Senior School site. Ensuring that they didn’t get lost, each team was accompanied by a Monitor to help them with their navigation around the site. Pupils relished the opportunity to explore ‘Big King’s’ as they start to turn their thoughts to their next educational milestone.

The cohort were not phased by mixing with the older members of the King’s Foundation; it was a pleasure to watch children communicating with each other in such a relaxed manner.

A pupil taking part in the activities commented, “It has been such fun exploring ‘Big King’s’; we come across the road for lunch in the Dining Hall everyday and I have always wondered what the other buildings were used for!” Another said, “The Monitors were so friendly and helpful; I hope that I become a King’s Worcester Monitor one day too.”

Once the Year 5 pupils had explored their surroundings, it was back the Sports Hall for plenty more fun-packed team building games to finish the afternoon. It is safe to say that all of the pupils thoroughly enjoyed their ‘Big King’s’ experience and are looking forward to visiting again soon. Thank you to the new Monitors, who made the experience a memorable one for the Year 5 pupils.