King's St Alban's

17 June

Worcester Cathedral host King’s St Alban’s termly service.

King’s St Alban’s pupils are certainly no strangers to our neighbour, Worcester Cathedral.  Visiting regularly for school trips, lunchtime concerts and recitals, Christingles and Carol Services, on Thursday morning, King’s St Alban’s headed to the Cathedral for our termly cathedral service.

All pupils, from Reception to Year 6 made the short journey, through the grounds of ‘Big King’s’ to the Cathedral on foot as school began on Thursday morning. Rory W (Year 5), one of our talented musicians, played the organ beautifully as the pupils arrived quietly and respectfully. The service was held in the Quire and the children sat listening quietly to the music as the last classes arrived.

The service was led by Dr Dorsett, the King’s Worcester Foundation Chaplain. Dr Dorsett talked to the children about the importance of recognising different perspectives and ensuring that kindness was the children’s most valued quality. During the course of the service, the children also listened to Mrs Chatterton (King’s St Alban’s Year 1 teacher) reading the story of Nicodemus and Jesus from the Bible. The service gave the children plenty of food for thought, which we are sure they will take on board as they continue a busy and exciting Summer Term. The children joined together to sing a rousing hymn, also accompanied by Rory.

The service concluded with a final prayer, before the School processed out of the Quire and returned to school in time for their usual lessons. A group of Year 4 pupils could be heard enthusiastically singing the hymn to themselves as they made the journey back, whilst another group was overheard discussing the meaning of kindness. This can only be a clear indication that they had listened throughout the service. As always, it was a very special occasion and a wonderful opportunity to spend time in the magnificent Worcester Cathedral.