The Arts

Drama, Dance and Music

Music is taught as a specialist subject from reception, with our full-time music teacher taking all classes. We aim to introduce our children to a range of musical opportunities, with a strong emphasis on rhythm, pitch and tone from the start.
In lessons there is a strong focus on participation. The ethos is very much that everyone is musical in some way. Recorder is taught from Year 2 to Year 4, where all children are taught to read from notation. The violin is introduced in Year 3, again with all children reading from notation. Children in all years are taught how to sing properly, with correct control of diaphragm and projection. Children play other instruments as part of different schemes of work. There is, for example, an African Drumming scheme in Year 5.
Reflective composition is taught from Year 3 upwards, and by the end of Year 6, children will have composed in various styles, including ‘12 Bar Blues’, ‘Classical Rondos’, and ‘The Nutcracker’, as well as having utilised Music Technology software on the computers to design music for Computer Games.


Art is taught as a specialist subject from Year 2, with an art teacher taking all classes. The children are introduced to a wide range of artistic endeavours, learning to work with acrylic paints, undertaking sculpture tasks, making pottery and being introduced to mosaics. The dynamic art programme also features work with textiles, watercolour and a range of design tasks.


Dance is taught as an integral part of our physical activity programme. All children in our Junior-aged classes take part in an annual Dance Showcase and there are many opportunities for dance within our curriculum. Class-led assemblies frequently feature dance and the culmination to our arts year, the Arts Week, involves a significant dance element. During the week, visiting artists work with children across a range of artistic disciplines with a performance and exhibition at the end of the week providing a focus.


Drama is taught as a subject within the curriculum, giving children opportunities for expression and to explore mood as well as working together to produce short improvisations. All children are involved in our school drama presentations, with separate productions for Years 5 and 6 (Scheherazade) and Years 3 and 4 (Snow Queen). Younger children take part in Christmas productions (a Nativity or seasonal musical performance). Speech and drama is popular, with excellent results being recorded in LAMDA examinations.


The school has a 50-strong school orchestra and there is also a string group and a windband. Regular informal Concerts take place and these are supplemented by a Summer Concert for Pre-Prep and prep age children. Over 86% of children from Year 3 upwards take a musical instrument. Many children perform at The Worcester Festival each year. The school was awarded a prize for outstanding contribution to the 2014 Festival.

Artsmark Award

On 1st June 2009 King's Hawford was awarded the status of Artsmark Gold by the Arts Council of England. This is in recognition of the high quality art, music, dance and drama being undertaken by the children at the school and also recognises the support of visiting artists at events involving the arts.

The Arts Council issued the following statement:

King's Hawford awarded Artsmark Gold

Arts Council England has awarded an Artsmark Gold to King's Hawford in recognition of the school's commitment to, and excellence in, arts education.

I'm delighted that the Arts Council has recognised King's Hawford's dynamic arts education programme. Our children have really enjoyed working with a range of visiting artists, developing their appreciation of art, music, dance and drama. I'd like to thank all our staff for their hard work in achieving this award.


Arts Council England is committed to great art for everyone and we believe that the earlier children are creatively inspired, the more likely they are to have a lifelong engagement with art. Artsmark sets the standard for an outstanding arts offer in schools and it's great to see so many new schools attaining the Artsmark award this year. The award recognises King's Hawford's passion for the arts and belief in the power of creativity.


A school must dedicate a minimum of 15 per cent of its curricular teaching time to the arts to receive an Artsmark Gold. An Artsmark school also provides teachers' professional development and involvement with local artists and arts groups.

Music and LAMDA Lessons

We offer lessons in an extensive range of musical instruments. Peripatetic music teachers, along with our own staff, deliver these lessons, with around 85% of children from Year 3 now taking regular instrumental or singing lessons at school. This is additional to our class lessons in which all children learn to play the violin, trumpet and keyboard.

Peripatetic Music lesson policy for Parents 2018

We also offer Speech and Drama lessons, preparing the children from LAMDA examinations as well as local festivals such as the Worcester and Cheltenham Festivals. We have achieved outstanding results in LAMDA exams and in both Festivals.