The Arts at Kings

At the school, we recognise that the arts, defined in this context as art, dance, drama, and music, are an intrinsic component of human culture, heritage and creativity. We believe that it is every child's right to explore fully these areas so that he or she might experience and develop personal creativity and fulfilment through looking, making, performing and listening. The arts offer opportunities to gain knowledge, skills, and insights. They enable the individual to come into contact with the spiritual, gain social and collaborative skills and to acquire a sense of structure, discipline, rigour and challenge, whilst articulating and realising personal creativity alongside an appreciation of the work of others.

Aims: The Arts

It is our aim that every pupil at King's shall benefit from the school's extensive programme of curricular and extra-curricular activities in the arts. We are equally committed to supporting and furthering the abilities of the committed and talented pupil as we are in encouraging those with less confidence or experience. We hope that all pupils will develop a life-long interest in, and pleasure from the arts in its many diverse forms.