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25 September

The Bear and the Tie

The Bear Pub - OV Tie

Well done to eagle-eyed OVs Edd Peckston (K 10-17) and Dom Cronie (Br 15-17) who spotted this OV tie at The Bear Inn, Oxford. The Bear is well-known for its collection of club ties started by a former landlord in the 1950s which adorn the walls and ceiling. Tie ends were clipped in exchange for half a pint!

The Bear is one of the oldest pubs in Oxford and in a further link was mentioned by Richard Edes in his 1583 verse Iter Boreale when he wrote that the proprietors kept a tame bear. Edes later became Dean of Worcester and his monument can be found at the West End of Worcester Cathedral. We can’t make out the name of the owner of this tie from the photograph but if anyone has any ideas please do let us know!

Edd and Dom are both 4th Year students at the University of Oxford and we wish them well in their studies this year.

OVs Edd Peckston and Dom Cronie

Dom and Edd