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25 June

The Foley Family Bursary

We are delighted to announce that, from September 2020, there will be an additional 100% funded bursary place at The King’s School, due to the very generous donation of John Foley (Cl 64-74) and his family.  The Foley Family Bursary will enable bright and talented children of less financially well-off families to attend The King’s School in the future.  Such fully-funded bursaries are designed to have a real and lasting impact on a child and we are enormously grateful to John and his family for their support of our Bursary Programme and commitment to King’s in such an incredible way.

John has been a director of various public and private companies for over 30 years. He was a Chief Executive of a public company for 12 years and remains Chairman of four Groups of companies. The largest business is Premier Technical Services Group Ltd which he founded with two close friends 13 years ago. They opened PTSG up for business with nothing but a set of ideas about how to apply safety critical engineering services on top of high rise buildings, as well as a lot of enthusiasm. They grew it from scratch, took it to the public market and then sold the business to an investment bank in Summer of 2019, although he remains PTSG’s Chairman under the new owners.

John says, “I never really intended to be an entrepreneur or a Chairman of a number of businesses until fairly recently. But I ended up doing so because I have always enjoyed taking on risk and challenges – whether it is a financial or managerial risk.”  He qualified as both a Barrister and a Chartered Accountant after attending Durham University, and these two qualifications have given him a skill set which has helped him during his working life, when taking on such challenges.

John has a very close family connection with the school as his brother, sister and one of his daughters attended the School. The Foley Family Bursary epitomises John’s enthusiasm about helping others from less financially privileged backgrounds with the opportunity of a King’s School education.

OV John Foley