We have clear school aims focused around helping young people to reach their potential at school in preparation for leading confident, fulfilled and unselfish lives as adults.

A Short Summary of Our Aims

The aims of the King’s Foundation are that all pupils should have a fulfilling experience of each stage of schooling and leave as balanced and confident individuals thoroughly equipped for what lies ahead. The Foundation seeks to enable pupils to establish good relationships with others; make the most of their talents; become well qualified through academic achievement; and command a range of life skills enriched by a variety of interests and activities. We also aim to provide responsive pastoral care within an ethos of spiritual awareness, tolerance and mutual respect rooted in the Christian faith and in service to others.

The house system at King's Hawford (Full width Image)

Our Aims and Aspirations


  • That every pupil fulfils his or her academic potential.
  • That teachers and pupils pursue excellence in teaching and learning.
  • That our pupils develop a love of learning, both individually and with others, and acquire a wide range of learning skills.
  • That we create an environment in which pupils are confident in their ability and increasingly ready to take responsibility for their own learning.


  • That every pupil receives excellent pastoral care within an ethos of tolerance and mutual respect rooted in Christian values.
  • That pupils develop relationships with peers and adults in a way that prepares them for life beyond school.
  • That pupils acquire a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.
  • That pupils benefit from a wide range of opportunities for leadership and the management of others.
  • That we work closely with parents so that they are well informed about the progress of their children and we can work together as effectively as possible in the best interests of the pupils.
  • That we ensure good continuity of care between the Junior and Senior Schools.

Personal and Social Development

  • That our pupils participate in a variety of physical activities and experience a sense of well-being and self-confidence that arises from good health and fitness.
  • That our pupils benefit from a comprehensive personal and social education that helps them to lead happy and fulfilling lives.
  • That our pupils are well prepared for Higher Education and subsequent employment as a result of the teaching opportunities, advice and support that they receive at this school.
  • That our pupils learn the value of teamwork and the importance of mutual support within and across year groups.


  • That we provide a varied range of activities beyond the curriculum.
  • That pupils discover and develop their own skills and interests at school in preparation for adult life.
  • That all pupils be adventurous and participate in a range of activities, appreciating the rewards of teamwork.
  • That all be given the opportunity for personal achievement and fulfilment in a way befitting their own aspirations.
  • That our pupils develop a moral, spiritual and aesthetic awareness that makes them receptive to the world around them, bringing with it a sense of wonder and openness to the most important ideas in our own and other cultures.
  • That through bursary support, these opportunities are made increasingly available to children from families who could not otherwise afford to send them here.
  • That our pupils have regular opportunities to hear, meet, and learn from representatives of key institutions in the local community, and further afield, and learn how they themselves can increasingly, as they grow older, be contributors to this community through giving of their time, skills, and commitment.
  • That the school recognises the crucial importance of its staff in pursuing the aims above and, as a good employer, undertakes to relieve them wherever possible of duties which could be done by non-teaching staff, as well as provide them with induction, support, and training, appropriate to their career stage, and ongoing review and development, thereby enhancing their career progression.

Christian History and Ethos

  • That we encourage in all members of our community a degree of spiritual literacy that will enable them to articulate their own values and beliefs, whilst having an informed understanding of, and respect for, those of others.
  • Whilst we respect the right of each individual to form their own religious identity, that occurs here within a community rooted in an inclusive Church of England environment and in the context of regular acts of communal worship.
  • We seek to offer a vision of Christian prayer, scholarship and service rooted in our belief, derived from the principles of the Benedictine monastery that was once on this site, in the importance of the community for the flourishing of each individual.

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