Our school has a simple vision for our pupils: To be curious, to be caring, to be confident.

From our re-founding by Henry VIII to provide education for ‘forty boys, poor and destitute…’, to the way our teachers nurture and support every pupil today, the evolution of the King’s Worcester Foundation has been driven by one simple vision, shared by the three schools: a passion for excellent all-round education, involving wonderful pastoral care, academic excellence, and enriching character development in life beyond the classroom.

From our teacher-led Nurseries at our Prep Schools through to our highly qualified subject-specialist teachers at Sixth Form, we are a welcoming, vibrant and inclusive community.


We are proud that pupils who come to King’s do outstandingly well academically; our Senior School is not only one of the highest-ranking schools in Worcestershire, but is amongst the top ten schools in the West Midlands, and our Prep School pupils regularly receive scholarships to the Senior School and external awards. Our pupils do well because they enjoy what is on offer and throw themselves into the opportunities which school life presents, pushing themselves to give their best in everything they do.


Our supportive Form and House system, powered by a focus on well-being and pastoral care, is also referred to as “The King’s Warmth”. It is a caring approach, which is fully integrated and interwoven into the fabric of teaching and learning, the School’s organisation, and its engagement with the world beyond the school gates.

Our focus on the development of each individual means we provide a genuinely caring environment where pupils thrive and develop as inquisitive, confident, and engaged members both of the King’s community and wider society. The Schools’ ethos emphasises mutual respect, openness, and warmth. It is the quality of the relationships within our schools that the pupils and parents value most, and which makes the pastoral care at King’s so special.


Pupils enthuse about the wealth of opportunities we offer and experiencing activities that stretch both mind and body is what makes their time here so special. In addition to music, drama and sporting activities, there are over 150 clubs enjoyed by pupils across the Foundation, plus an exciting calendar of educational trips and visits.  Our Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme and Combined Cadet Force are thriving and continue to grow in popularity. At King’s Hawford, whole-school productions and outdoor learning are enthusing pupils, and at King’s St Alban’s, pupils immerse themselves in the arts, trying their hands at music, dance, drama, and art; all of which culminate in a magnificent celebration of the arts, which we call Creative ConneXions.

There's no better way to experience what King's has to offer than to visit our schools. Meeting our teachers, talking to our pupils, and seeing our fantastic facilities will give you a real insight to the vibrancy of our schools. We look forward to welcoming you.

Gareth Doodes


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