We have one simple vision for our pupils, shared by our three schools: To be curious, to be caring, to be confident. 

From our humble beginnings as a school for ‘forty boys, poor and destitute…’ founded by Henry VIII, to our present-day status as a leading independent school, the King’s Worcester Foundation has always been driven our mission, which is to seek excellence in all that we do, and provide an outstanding preparation for life. 

We care for our pupils’ academic, pastoral, and personal development, and prepare them for life beyond the classroom. 

From our teacher-led Nurseries at our Prep Schools, through to our subject-specialist teachers at Sixth Form, we offer a high-quality education that meets the needs and interests of each pupil. 

 Our vision, for all our pupils, is for them to be curious, to be caring, and to be confident. 


Curiosity is the fuel of learning, discovery, and innovation. By offering a broad and balanced curriculum that challenges and inspires our pupils, we encourage our pupils to be inquisitive about the world around them, enriching their cultural, social, and global awareness in the process. It’s this innate curiosity that results in the academic achievements of our pupils, who consistently secure places at top universities and colleges. Consequently, our Senior School and Sixth Form is one of the best in Worcestershire and the West Midlands, and our Prep School pupils regularly receive awards and scholarships to our Senior School. 


We’re immensely proud of the supportive and caring culture that we have at King’s, which we call ‘The King’s Warmth’. It’s a culture that’s embedded in every aspect of school life, from the way we teach and learn, to the way we interact with one another, to the way in which we engage with the wider world. We care for our pupils’ well-being and happiness, and provide a safe and supportive pastoral environment where they can flourish. By doing this, we set an example for our pupils to care for others, to show respect and openness – in their communities and beyond.


We inspire our pupils to be confident in themselves, their abilities, and their futures. At King’s, we empower our pupils to take risks, embrace challenges, and learn from mistakes. A wealth of opportunities are available for our pupils to develop their confidence and character through a variety of activities that stretch both mind and body. In addition to music, drama, and sport, we have over 150 clubs for our pupils to enjoy, as well as an exciting calendar of educational trips and visits across the foundation. 


Words merely scratch the surface of what it’s truly like to understand life at King’s. We invite you to book a visit, and experience our unique community for yourself - we would be delighted to welcome you.

Gareth Doodes


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