Autumn Term 2021

Welcome back

We start the new academic year with enormous excitement. Despite the challenges we have faced during the pandemic, 2021-22 presents us with opportunities to resume much of our educational provision. It is important that we retain some of the processes and measures, however, so as to continue to prioritise the health and wellbeing of us all.

This document outlines the essential details and information and we encourage you to study it carefully. Amendments or adaptations may be necessitated by the local or national picture and we will keep you fully informed.

Health and hygiene

Pupils may only attend school if they are in full health. Those who do not attend, but feel well enough to, may join lessons via Zoom.

Everyone will continue to sanitise their hands upon entering and leaving rooms.

All classrooms will be ventilated.

Desks and workspaces will continue to be sanitised after use.

The sharing of equipment will be minimised.

Increased and enhanced cleaning throughout the school day will continue.

Year groups will continue to have designated lavatories.

Classrooms will be deep cleaned should there be positive cases identified.

If a pupil tests positive, we will ensure appropriate guidance is followed.

The start of the school day

School will open at 7.30am. Pupils will register with their form teacher in designated classrooms.


Pupils should wear King’s Hawford sports kit on days that they have Games. Full and correct kit only.

Pupils should come in uniform and change into sports kit on days that they have PE lessons and for any after school sports clubs.


Pupils will have a set seating plan and be facing forwards wherever possible.

Homework will continue to be set on Showbie, online and occasionally in books.

Breaktime and lunchtime

We encourage everyone to make use of outdoor space and designate the following spaces for the following age groups:

Main playground (Hard Surface) or field – Years 3-6

Bark area – Pre-Prep

Break time snack will be served in classrooms

Year groups will have a designated area of the Dining Hall for their use, and a dedicated time-slot.

After school

Pupils not in clubs will be supervised on the hard surface/playground. The school will close at 6 pm.


Meetings with parents will generally take place online.

Parents’ evenings will remain online for the time being.

School staff

Staff may only attend school if they are in full health. Those teachers who do not attend, but feel well enough to do so, may teach lessons via Teams.

If staff member tests positive we will determine next steps on a case by case basis.

We will continue to offer hybrid lessons to unwell pupils.

Classrooms and office spaces must be ventilated.

Departments may continue to order tea, coffee, milk and biscuits from Catering for their departmental areas.

Staff must undertake enhanced sanitising when in shared staff areas.

Staff briefings, with tea and coffee, will take place in the Barn from 0800 – 0825 on Mondays and Fridays.

Coffee and tea at breaktime will resume in the Common Room.

Staff should keep a distance of 2m from pupils wherever possible.

Staff may wear smart school-issued sports kit only and only on days that they are teaching Games.

Face to face meetings are allowed in well-ventilated rooms.

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