Autumn Term – Update November 2021

The Heads in the foundation and the Senior Leadership Team here have agreed on the following changes.  These changes will be reviewed on a weekly basis and may change, with parents and pupils being informed on Friday afternoon concerning any changes for the following Monday:

The following will be put in place upon the return of children on Monday 1sr November:

  1. All staff meetings to return to virtual unless low numbers where 2m spacing can be achieved.  Monday briefing will be virtual;
  2. All school assemblies to return to virtual or hybrid with a 2m gap between year groups ‘live’;
  3. Staff will be encouraged to wear masks when indoors and in potentially crowded areas;
  4. Staff to be encouraged to respect social distancing when walking outside around the campus although masks will not be required;
  5. Outdoor sports matches to continue and we respectfully ask supporting parents to keep social distancing on touchlines.  Transport to games/fixtures / trips to be in year groups where possible;
  6. All visitors to the school are required to give proof of negative LFT via a photo of a test result;
  7. All parents’ evenings will be held online;
  8. Parents will still be allowed on site for pick up / collection and inside the Pre-Prep building and we respectfully ask you to keep social distancing.  This will be reviewed;
  9. For lunch, children will remain in year groups for Prep and revert to year group tables in Pre-Prep.  Staff to respect social distancing;
  10. New arrangements for Choristers have been put in place by the Cathedral;
  11. Hymn practice will return to virtual in classrooms;
  12. Choirs will continue to be allowed in Chapel / Late Room with usual ventilation and gap between year groups;
  13. We will maintain consistent seating plans in lessons where possible;
  14. Outdoor playtime will continue ‘unbubbled’ as will early and late rooms.

We have considered plans A, B and C for our ‘big events’ and things may change over the coming weeks!  This is the situation as it stands:

  • We are looking at different ‘models’ for the Prep Concert and will let you have further details next week;
  • We are hoping to allow socially distanced audiences to two showings of the Pre-Prep Nativity and we might have to limit tickets.  More to follow;
  • We are hoping to allow socially distanced audiences to the Informal Concert and we might have to limit tickets.  More to follow;
  • We are hoping to allow socially distanced audiences to the Year 5 and 6 play and we might have to limit tickets.  More to follow;
  • We will monitor the situation and work with colleagues at the Cathedral about the Prep Carol Service.  More to follow;
  • Visits to the Theatre (Prep) and Pantomime (Pre-Prep) are still on.  Oh no they’re not!  Sorry.  They are on and we will work with venues on risk assessments and ensure travel is as safe as can be;
  • I am still hoping to host the end of term parents’ drinks and mince pies on the last day of term and we will make a sensible decision nearer the time.

Health and hygiene

Pupils may only attend school if they are in full health.

Everyone will continue to sanitise their hands upon entering and leaving rooms.

All classrooms will be ventilated.

Desks and workspaces will continue to be sanitised after use.

The sharing of equipment will be minimised.

Increased and enhanced cleaning throughout the school day will continue.

Classrooms will be deep cleaned should there be positive cases identified.

If a pupil tests positive, we will ensure appropriate guidance is followed.

The start of the school day

School will open at 7.45am and early drop off will be in the Pre-Prep.  Prep children (Years 3 to 6) arriving after 8am can be dropped off on the Prep site and should go to the library until playtime at 8.15am.  Pupils will register with their form teacher in their usual classrooms.


You should wear sports kit on days you have Games and PE. Full and correct kit only. You should wear normal school uniform on other days including when you have a sports club.

Mrs Clark will write separately to confirm what to wear on which day!


You will have a set seating plan and be facing forwards wherever possible.

Homework will continue to be set on Showbie and in books.

Breaktime and lunch time

We will revert back to arrangements pre-COVID. There will be separate play times for Prep and Pre-prep children on most days. The playground can be used for active play and the quad for quieter activities. The quad will remain covered for now. Prep children will sit in their year groups for lunch.

After school

Clubs will start on Wednesday 8th September unless you are informed otherwise about particular clubs.  We will write to you shortly with the clubs list.

Pupils not in clubs will be supervised in the two late rooms.  Pre-Prep late room will close at 5.30pm and any remaining children will be brought over to the Prep late room.  This will close at 6pm.  Please continue to ring the bell for Pre-Prep collection and phone up from quad (07385 380792) for Prep collection.


Meetings with parents will take place online.

The initial Parents’ Evenings (Curriculum Evening and first Parents’ Evening) will be in person and subsequent Parents’ Evenings are likely to be on Teams.

Teaching and support staff

Staff may only attend school if they are in full health. Those teachers who do not attend, but feel well enough to do so, may teach lessons via Showbie.

If a staff member tests positive we will determine the next steps on a case by case basis.

Classrooms and office spaces must be ventilated.

Departments may continue to order tea, coffee, milk and biscuits from Catering for their departmental areas.

Staff must undertake enhanced sanitising when in shared staff areas.

Staff briefings will take place in Forest School on Mondays at 10.30am.  Staff meetings will take place in Late Room.

Staff should keep a distance of 2m from pupils wherever possible.

Staff may wear smart school-issued sports kit only and only on days that they are teaching Games.

Face to face meetings are allowed in well-ventilated rooms.

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