The King’s Foundation Schools continue to put the health, safety and well-being of all members of our community at the forefront of our thinking as we determine our educational and operational priorities and processes.

Our commitment to return to a full curriculum and school day is underpinned by the priorities and processes we have implemented to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all of our community. We continue to put the health, safety and well-being of our community at the forefront of our plans as we considered how pupils can best access lessons, pastoral care and activities.

Our plans for reopening are based on the Department for Education’s Schools Coronavirus Operational Guidance and extensive planning within the school and the foundation. The Foundation re-opens at Response Level Two+ which details the major principles and protocols which shape our face to face provision.

Please see our Risk Assessment for the return of pupils.

Principles Underpinning our Re-opening

Our guiding principles will underpin the re-opening of all three Schools:

  • We will ask all pupils and staff, as well as visitors to the site, to observe the government guidelines as they stand at any point on their way to and from the School.
  • We will ensure safe occupancy levels of all facilities and areas.
  • We will engage actively with test and trace.
  • We will ensure that staff do not work, or have contact with, pupils if they have symptoms, have tested positive or have been in contact with anyone who has.
  • We will ask that pupils not be sent to school if they have symptoms, have tested positive or have been in contact with anyone who has.
  • We will operate enhanced cleaning arrangements.
  • We will enable and ensure robust respiratory and hand hygiene.
  • Pupils and staff will use hand sanitiser on arrival in each classroom and upon departure.
  • We will have a school nurse or Matron on-site with a clear protocol for those who feel unwell during the school day and isolation facilities for suspected cases.
  • We will provide pupils and staff with the opportunity to raise any concerns.

Pupil Illness Protocol Flow Diagram

We have developed a useful protocol flow diagram to support parents, guardians and pupils. This is designed to enable you to determine the next steps should your son, daughter or ward become unwell or show symptoms that could be COVID-19.

King’s St Alban’s and King’s Hawford Pupil Illness Protocol

Response Levels

We have developed a series of Response Levels – Level Zero to Level Four. These Levels will ensure that we are prepared for changes to the national and local picture with regard to the measures we need to adopt. All Response Levels are subject to amendment in the light of guidance from PHE and the government.

The Response Levels are uniform across the Foundation and are designed to inform parents clearly and succinctly of any changes to our provision. Each Response Level will provide guiding principles for the Foundation.

Weekly meetings will be taking place with Mr Doodes, Mr Chapman and Mr Turner, to determine the week’s level, considering advice from the DfE, PHE and any relevant local information. Changes to response levels will be communicated directly with parents and here on our hub.

We will be re-opening the Foundation at Response Level Two+

  1. The Foundation’s Illness Protocols for King’s St Alban’s and King’s Hawford and King’s Worcester will remain in operation so that we ensure that no unwell pupil or member of staff attends school.
  1. Pupils at King’s Worcester, as well as all Foundation staff, will continue to be invited to participate in ongoing Lateral Flow Testing Programme.
  1. Pupils will continue to be required to attend school wearing their PE kit on days they have PE and Games at King’s St Alban’s and King’s Worcester.
  1. Pupils will continue to not be able to come onto the school sites until 8am, at which point they will need to go directly to their registration room, or other dedicated area. Key worker parents of pupils at King’s Hawford will be able to drop their children off from 7.30am, however.
  1. Bubbles or groups will remain protected through allocated site locations and pupils will be in bubbles in their marquees or other locations during short and long break.
  1. Parents will be asked to wear face masks when dropping off or picking up at King’s St Alban’s and King’s Hawford.
  1. Most work will be submitted by online in the senior school and equipment will not be shared between pupils, other than when appropriate cleaning or quarantining has taken place.
  1. The Library at King’s Worcester will remain open to year group bubbles as directed.
  1. All assemblies and briefings will be delivered online or live to a maximum of one group or within guidance.
  1. Town privileges, in the senior school, will recommence for the sixth form and will be phased in for pupils in years below the sixth form.
  1. Our co-curricular programmes will run with some adaptations according to guidance.
  1. Pupils not involved in co-curricular activities after school will need to be supervised in year group bubble locations in the senior school.
  1. School will close at 5.30pm at both KSA and KH and at 6pm at the senior school.
  1. Sports fixtures against other schools will begin in line with guidance.
  1. In the senior school, we will run an adapted Saturday Sports programme.
  1. Many meetings with parents and outside agents, in addition to any outside speakers, will be undertaken online although this may be amended according to changes to guidance at national level. Regular visitors and providers will be in school in line with our COVID-19 precautionary measures.
  1. Some trips will begin to take place in line with strict guidance.
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Groups or ‘bubbles’

We will continue with year group ‘bubbles’ at King’s St Alban’s, which consists of five groups at King’s St Alban’s: Nursery, Pre-Prep, Years 3 and 4, Year 5 and Year 6.

Children will stay in their bubbles and so whole school activities such as assemblies will not happen for now.

School Day

Due to the restrictions of running five groups, we will not quite be able to offer our usual wraparound provision.  School will open at 8am and children will need to be picked up by 5.30pm.

Drop Off & Collection

  • Nursery will drop off at the gate off Willow Street and Pre-Prep (Reception and Years 1 & 2) children at the main entrance to the Pre-Prep building.
  • Years 3 and 4 can be dropped off at the quad and Years 5 and 6 at the playground (each year group will have a marked out half of the playground). Please drop off between 8.00am and 8.35am.
  • We would prefer it if only one parent drops off. Please be aware of social distancing with other parents and be mindful that the side gate on Mill Street will become busy; we need to keep the main gates closed at this time. There will be hand sanitizer available just inside this side gate. Parents will not be allowed inside school buildings except for the main office and only by appointment. Please will parents continue to wear a face covering when dropping off and picking up.
  • Pre-Prep Collection – We will continue to have a staggered end of the day to ease congestion outside the building. Timings will continue as follows:
    Reception 3.20pm
    Year One 3.30pm
    Year Two 3.40pm
  • Prep School Collection – Please collect between 3.40pm and 5.30pm. If collecting between 3.40 and 4.00pm please go to the same areas as at drop off, and again, be mindful of social distancing.
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Clubs & Late Rooms

We will run our normal Clubs programme with a few modifications because this provision is necessary to support parents to work and is part of pupils’ wider education and training. We will send a letter with details of clubs for the last three weeks of term shortly. Clubs will generally run for children in the same bubble, but some clubs will run for children in more than one bubble. In these cases, children in different bubbles will be kept apart. For example, Year 5 and 6 cricket club will be available but the two year groups will be kept at least 2 metres apart during the club. As usual, children can be picked up after their club or they can go to late room but please do try to pick up after your child’s club to alleviate numbers in late rooms. Clubs start on Monday 8th March.

Late Rooms will run as usual in both Pre-Prep and the Prep School. Please ring the bell in PreP-rep and a member of staff will bring your child to you. In the Prep School, late room will be split into four zones for the four bubbles and each will have its own games and other resources. Instead of coming up to collect your child, please phone Late Room (07385 380792) and the member of staff on duty will make eye contact from the window and release your child.


Normal school uniform should be worn on all days except when your child has PE or games or a club requiring sports kit. This is two days per week for most children and they should wear PE kit on these days.

  • Reception will need to wear their games kit on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and they will need their swimming kit on a Tuesday.
  • Year 1 will need to wear their games kit on Monday and Wednesday and they will need their swimming kit on a Thursday.
  • Year 2 will need to wear their games kit on Wednesday and Thursday and they will need their swimming kit on a Tuesday.
  • Year 3 will need to wear their games kit on a Tuesday and will need their swimming kit on a Friday.
  • Year 4 will need to wear their games kit on a Tuesday and will need their swimming kit on a Thursday.
  • Year 5 will need to wear their games kit on a Friday and wear their PE kit on a Tuesday and bring their swimming kit. 5L will have dance on a Tuesday and so should already be in PE kit. 5P have dance on a Thursday so will also need to wear PE kit on this day.
  • Year 6 will need to wear their games kit on a Monday and wear their PE kit on a Thursday and bring their swimming kit.

There might be a few changes to this but please take the information above as ‘the norm.’ Year 5 and 6 AFP activities (on Wednesday afternoons) and clothing requirements will be outlined in the Friday Newsletter. Government guidance does not suggest the need for more regular washing of uniform than usual. Please do not worry if clothes or shoes are getting worn or too small or if your child’s lockdown haircut doesn’t quite meet the uniform policy! We will get by, certainly until the end of term.


Lunch will be provided as usual in the Pre-Prep Hall for Nursery and Pre-Prep, and in the Dining Hall for the Prep. Children will eat in their bubbles. Meals will be brought to the table by catering or school staff.

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There has been a lot written about the impact of children missing a term’s learning and the ‘lost generation.’ Many of our children have made great strides in their learning during lockdown. There will inevitably be some gaps and we will work hard to identify these and support all children.

There will be no testing in the last three weeks of term. We will focus on our pastoral care and ‘happily getting all the children back into routines.’ That said, we will return to a full and normal timetable for all children with practical modifications where needed. We will take the opportunity to offer teambuilding and other opportunities to support the children’s learning and smooth their return to normal school.

In classrooms, children will be facing the front wherever possible and teachers will try to teach from the front of the classroom as much as possible.

There are Zoom Parents’ Evenings planned for 18th and 22nd March. Further details will follow shortly.

Bags and Belongings

Pre-Prep – As before, Reception and Year One will not need to bring their own pencil cases. Due to Year Two moving to different classrooms at times, please can Year Two children continue to bring in a sensible pencil case which includes a pencil, rubber and pencil sharpener.

We will continue to send out reading books; these will be quarantined when they return to school and sent home in your child’s book bag. We lent out a substantial amount of our reading scheme books at the start of lockdown and we need to quarantine all of these for 72 hours before we are able to loan them out again. We will therefore collect ALL BOOKS in on Monday 8th March and will do reading activities in school until Friday, when we will be able to send appropriate reading activities home once more.

Please can you regularly clear out your child’s book bag and ensure that it only contains what is needed for the day.

Prep – Prep school pupils need to bring their school bag with essential belongings for the day. A well-stocked pencil case including colouring pencils will help reduce the sharing of stationery. Each child will continue to have a peg to store his or her coat and bag. We will try to limit the use of changing rooms so please see the information above about coming into school wearing kit for PE and games.

Musical instruments will continue to be stored in the music room.

All children should bring in one or two water bottles.

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We will be able to run actual assemblies within bubbles. Whole school assemblies including Celebration Assembly will be delivered by Teams to each class.We are still looking at how to best offer hymn practice and choirs.

Health and Hygiene

The risk assessment gives details of the extra cleaning measures we are putting in place.  We will build more opportunities for handwashing into our routines and provide hand sanitisers at every entrance to a building and outside every classroom.  We will continue to educate the children, especially younger ones, about effective hand washing.

The key, and most important, point to make is that no child should be sent to school if they are exhibiting any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.

If a child exhibits signs or symptoms during school, they will go straight to Matron’s room and we will ask you to come to school immediately.  Further steps are outlined in the risk assessment.  We will take swift action should we become aware that someone who has attended the site tests positive. We will contact the local health protection team and work with them to carry out a risk assessment. We will follow the advice of the health protection team on who should be sent home and follow guidance on how this is communicated.

There is no expectation for children to wear masks. The School Matrons and other staff undertaking personal intimate care of the younger children will have PPE made available.  There will always be one Matron on site.  We will have two cleaners on-site during the school day and areas will be cleaned every evening too.

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