Summer Term 2021

The King’s Foundation Schools will commence the Summer Term at Response Level 2+. Indeed, with the next stages of the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown having been confirmed, we are delighted to see the return of many features of school life. We are still much bound by Operational Guidance, however, and provide you with our assurance that we place continuing and absolute priority upon the health, safety and wellbeing of all pupils and staff.

Please see our Risk Assessment for the return of pupils.

Covid-19 Testing Process


Details of our COVID Trace and Test Programme can be found here.



Pupils must always ensure they have:

COVID-19 Sign

Pupil Illness Protocol Flow Diagram

We have developed a useful protocol flow diagram to support parents, guardians and pupils for when pupils return. This is designed to enable you to determine the next steps should your son, daughter or ward become unwell or show symptoms that could be COVID-19.

King’s Senior Pupil Illness Protocol


Principles Underpinning our Re-opening

Our guiding principles will underpin the re-opening of all three Schools:

  • We will ask all pupils and staff, as well as visitors to the site, to observe the government guidelines as they stand at any point on their way to and from the School.
  • We will ensure safe occupancy levels of all facilities and areas.
  • We will engage actively with test and trace.
  • We will ensure that staff do not work, or have contact with, pupils if they have symptoms, have tested positive or have been in contact with anyone who has.
  • We will ask that pupils not be sent to school if they have symptoms, have tested positive or have been in contact with anyone who has.
  • We will operate enhanced cleaning arrangements.
  • We will enable and ensure robust respiratory and hand hygiene.
  • Pupils and staff will use hand sanitiser on arrival in each classroom and upon departure.
  • We will have a school nurse or matron on-site with a clear protocol for those who feel unwell during the school day and isolation facilities for suspected cases.
  • We will provide pupils and staff with the opportunity to raise any concerns.

Response Levels

We have developed a series of Response Levels – Level Zero to Level Four. These Levels will ensure that we are prepared for changes to the national and local picture with regard to the measures we need to adopt.


The Response Levels are uniform across the Foundation and are designed to inform parents clearly and succinctly of any changes to our provision. Each Response Level will provide guiding principles for the Foundation. Weekly meetings will be taking place with Mr Doodes, Mr Chapman and Mrs Phillips, to determine the week’s level, considering advice from the DfE, PHE and any relevant local information. Changes to response levels will be communicated directly with parents and here on our hub. 


The Foundation’s Illness Protocols for King’s St Alban’s and King’s Hawford and King’s Worcester will remain in operation so that we ensure that no unwell pupil or member of staff attends school.

Pupils at King’s Worcester, as well as all Foundation staff, will continue to be invited to participate in ongoing Lateral Flow Testing Programme.

All pupils will continue to be required to attend school wearing their PE kit on days they have PE and Games

In the senior school, changing rooms will only be in use at the swimming pool and under
strict supervision.

Pupils will continue to not be able to come onto the school sites until 8am, at which point they will need to go directly to their registration room, or other dedicated area.



Bubbles or groups will remain protected through allocated site locations and pupils will be in bubbles in their marquees or other locations during short and long break

Pupils at King’s Worcester will wear face masks where they are unable to maintain 2m social distance in addition to when moving around school.

Most work will be submitted by online in the senior school and equipment will not be shared between pupils, other than when appropriate cleaning or quarantining has taken place.

Most work will be submitted by online in the senior school and equipment will not be shared between pupils, other than when appropriate cleaning or quarantining has taken place.

All assemblies and briefings will be delivered online or live to a maximum of one group or within guidance.

Town privileges, in the senior school, will recommence for the sixth form and will be phased in for pupils in years below the sixth form.

Our co-curricular programmes will run with some adaptations according to guidance.

Pupils not involved in co-curricular activities after school will need to be supervised in year group bubble locations in the senior school.

School will close at 5.30pm at both KSA and KH and at 6pm at the senior school.

Sports fixtures against other schools will begin in line with guidance

We regret to say that no spectators will be permitted until the government announces the next phase of its roadmap.


We will run an adapted Saturday Sports programme though we regret to say that no spectators will be permitted until the government announces the next phase of its roadmap.

All meetings with parents and outside agents, in addition to any outside speakers, will be undertaken online although this may be amended according to changes to guidance at national level. Regular visitors and providers will be in school in line with our COVID-19 precautionary measures.

Mask Protocol

Pupils are required to wear masks on arrival to school, in lessons, when moving around the site between lessons and when they are in their marquees.

Masks must be plain in colour and must not have graffiti written on them.

  • Before putting on a mask where possible the wearer should sanitise their hands
  • The mask must cover both nose and mouth
  • The front of the mask must not be touched when in use or when being fitted or removed. The mask should be removed by handling the straps only
  • The mask must be placed in a sealed plastic bag until it is reused
  • If the mask is to be discarded, it must be placed in a bin
  • The wearer must sanitise their hands once this is complete

Reusable masks must be washed daily.

Some pupils will have a legitimate exemption from wearing a mask.

Morning Registrations

Bright U6 – Bright House Sixth Form Room
L6 – Bright House Area
FF – E8
UR – E10
LR – E9
Castle U6 – L5
L6 – L3
FF – L1
UR – L2
LR– L6
Chappel U6 – T7
L6 – T5
FF – T3
UR – T2
LR – T1
Choir U6 - Choir House Room
L6 – A4
FF – A6
UR – A9
LR – A10
Creighton U6 – Cr Sixth Form Room
L6 – E2
FF – F8
UR – F3
LR – E1
Kittermaster U6 – Kittermaster House Sixth Form Room
L6 – ET 2
FF – E5
UR – E7 
LR – E6 
Oswald   U6 – Oswald House Sixth Form Room
L6 – Bolland Room 
FF – Comyn Room
UR – S5
LR – S4
School U6 – B2
L6 – School House L6 Room
FF – School House U6 Room
UR – K6
LR – S2
Wulstan U6 – Wulstan U6 Room
L6 – Pascal
FF – S3
UR – Chappel House Room
LR – S6

Lunch Timings/Access to Town

Pupils bringing packed lunches will not be allowed in the dining hall due to restrictions on space. They will be able to eat their packed lunch in their dedicated year group area. There will be no vending machines in use and the dining hall will not provide a service for breakfast, break of after school.

Monday 8th March

L4 – 1200 – Dining Hall

U4 – 1205 – Dining Hall

Tuesday 9th March onwards

L4 – 1200 everyday – Dining Marque (on the playground) (MQ)

U4 – 1200 everyday – Dining Hall (D/H)

LUNCH TIMINGS (with effect from 15th March 2021)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1320-1335 L6 LR UR LR FF U6 UR U6 L6 LR
1340-1355 FF U6 L6 U6 L6 LR FF LR UR U6
1400-1415 UR FF UR L6 FF

Town privileges, in the senior school, will recommence for the sixth form and will be phased in for pupils in years below the sixth form.

Water fountains can be used to fill water bottles only. Pupils must bring their own water bottle to school.

Dining Hall/Marquee Dining Hall Procedure

  • Pupils must leave bags in designated areas or their designated bag racks
  • Pupils line up at the designated time for their year group
  • Pupils arriving early will not be admitted until their designated time
  • Pupils arriving after their designated time will not be able to enter the dining area with another year group
  • Pupils will be admitted to the dining hall by a member of staff and show their lunch card
  • Pasta will be served on the RHS and the other hot dish on the LHS and pupils should queue on the appropriate side
  • Notices will advise pupils of the menu each day
  • Pupils will be directed where to sit, filling the dining hall from the front
  • As soon as pupils have finished their lunch, they should take all of their plates and cutlery on a tray to the collection area and leave by the nearest exit
  • Pupils must bring a filled water bottle into lunch if they require a drink

Marquee Locations

We have established dedicated year group areas in a number of locations around the site using marquees in the following areas.

L4 – L4 Playground
U4 –Dining Hall Lawn
LR –College Green Marquee 2
UR –Gardens
FF – Mulberry Lawn
L6 – College Green – Marquee 1
U6 – College Green – Marquee 3

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Supporting Pupils’ Wellbeing

Returning to school will be easy for some but a real challenge to others.

Look out for the following signs in yourself or your peers of possible wellbeing concerns:

1) Behaviour and mood changes over days or weeks
2) Sleep problems – too much or too little
3) Feeling frequently overwhelmed, anxious or angry
4) Deliberate isolation from friends and/or family
5) Difficulty concentrating

If you or someone you know needs help do:
1) Talk to parents or a member of staff you trust – don’t forget the School Nurses or the School Chaplin
2) Contact the school counsellors
3) See your GP
4) Call 111
5) Visit the “Getting Help and Staying Safe” page on Firefly or see the Problems, Worries and Complaints page in your planner

Things you can do to promote your own wellbeing:
1) Create and keep a routine and structure for your school day
2) Keep exercising or go for a walk
3) Spend time outside
4) Plan something to look forward to
5) Write a journal

Clinical Psychologist, Dr Kate Mason, has also kindly put together two videos, one for parents, ‘Supporting Young People’s Mental Health’, and one for pupils, ‘Looking After Your Mental Health’.  In these videos, Dr Mason provides useful support and guidance for our parents and pupils. Offering insight into likely behaviour, feelings and how to deal with the anxiety which pupils may face. We hope you’ll find them both useful and informative.


Behaviour Policy Addendum

To support with the encouragement of good behaviour, we have outlined a supplementary behavioural policy which, continues to foster mutual respect between everyone in the King’s community, including pupils, teachers and support staff.

To view this addendum, please click here.

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The Library

We are looking forward to welcoming our staff and pupils back to the Library. Whilst there is a risk of Covid-19 transmission, it will be necessary for access to the Library and its resources to be very different to what we are all used to. We have therefore planned for a re-opening that will involve major changes, in accordance with the latest distancing and handling protocols, but will allow all pupils some access to the physical Library, and good access to our resources.  We will operate within the school’s own guidelines and with reference to the COVID-19 Guidance for School Libraries produced by CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals)  and the School Library Association.


The Library (with the Bolland Room) is a multi-purpose well-used physical space, and an important resource for learning, studying, wellbeing, and reading for pleasure.  We have considered the safe use of the space, the IT equipment and physical resources.  Before and after school and during short break, pupils will not have access to the Library (with supervised provision taking place elsewhere in school). However, the L6 and U6 are timetabled to have most of their study periods in the Library (in either U6 or L6 bubbles, with appropriate sanitising in between) where they will be able to access resources (with physical resources being quarantined after use, in accordance with the guidance) and our support.  All Senior School pupils will have access to the Library during the whole of Long Break for one day per year group bubble, and we look forward to spending time with the keen readers and Library users who choose to visit the Library during that dedicated time.


The emphasis is on keeping our staff and pupils safe whilst adapting to provide alternative means of accessing and delivering library resources and taking new opportunities to extend the Library services and resources beyond the limits of the physical building.  For example, although form/year group visits to the Library will not be possible, the Librarian is able to visit classrooms to demonstrate online resources and to promote curriculum resources, extended subject reading, and reading for pleasure.  And whilst access to physical stock will have to be carefully controlled, we plan to offer an extended range of online resources for remote learning and e-reading.  We will promote our existing online resources and offer digital alternatives to newspapers and educational magazines (journals) where possible. We will also be subscribing to the Wheelers e-lending platform (which has been successfully trialled over the summer) which will enable all of our pupils and staff to access e-book and audiobook fiction.


We will do our best to facilitate safe access to print versions of books and journals, whilst reducing handling of materials. For example, we will arrange for ‘click and collect’ borrowing with books needing to be ‘quarantined’ on return.  Our Library Management System (LMS) has now been adapted to automatically quarantine books for three days on return. Pupils will be able to reserve books during this time.  To make this process easier for pupils, we need to encourage pupils to access our Library catalogue from their own devices whilst in school. We are also in the process of moving our LMS to a hosted platform so that the catalogue can be accessed from home.

Our annual involvement in the Book Trust’s wonderful Book Buzz initiative will take place but via MS Teams!  Lower Four Library Inductions will be adapted to take place in classrooms, and WRAITH (Library Book Club) meetings will be able to go ahead in year group bubbles.


Whatever we do needs to be manageable and sustainable. As elsewhere in the school there will be clear signage, furniture re-arrangement, regular cleaning and hand-washing facilities.

We will provide clear and timely information to pupils and staff on how the library will operate and what services will be provided.

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PE and Sport

The PE Department were again very impressed by the fantastic involvement of the pupils during lockdown in our Jantastic challenge, Three peaks Challenge, live games afternoons and the Around the World in 8 days charity event, raising over £1,000 for the Mental Health Foundation. It was great to see so much student involvement through lockdown and we thank you for your support of this.

We are very much looking forward to returning to a structured, active sporting programme and working with our pupils again, in a safe manner. Our PE and Sports provision for the next three weeks is detailed below, a PDF outlining this detail can also be downloaded here

Maintaining a safe environment

We will ensure that we follow government guidance on safety, cleaning and hygiene throughout our sporting programme. We will make judgements regarding what physical activities can take place in light of our school specific environment and these decisions will be influenced by sporting National Governing Bodies. Our ultimate aim is to provide high quality sports provision, offering a range of activities through the curriculum and Games programme.

PE kit – pupils should come to school in their PE kit if they are playing any sport on that day – to include PE lessons, Games afternoons or structured lunch time sessions.

In line with the school policy for transport, pupils must wear masks on any journey – this includes Minibus and coach transport to and from the astroturf for Games.

What sporting opportunities will we offer?

Physical Education:

In Years 7-11, pupils will follow a PE programme that has a sports and athletic focus. They will not need to bring any extra equipment.

Games afternoons and After School Practices:

In all years pupils will attend Games sessions in ‘Year Group Bubbles’. Years 7-10 will register as normal in their marquees. They will then walk to the fields in small groups or will be transported to the astro. Years 11-13 will be registered at the location of their Games activity as normal.

Please could all boys bring boots if they are working down the fields. They will also need shin pads for any football sessions.

Years 7 and 8:

Netball, and Hockey will form the girls programme and the boys’ programme will include Football, Rugby and Multi-sport ball skills, all in accordance with National Governing Body guidelines.

Years 9 and 10:

Netball, Rowing, Hockey and the alternative sports programme will form the girls programme and the boys’ programme will include Football, Rowing, Rugby and Multi-sport ball skills, all in accordance with National Governing Body guidelines.

Senior Games (Years 11-13):

Will have a broader range of activities including Badminton, Yoga, Dance, Fitness suite, Hockey, Netball, girls alternative sports programme, Rowing, Rugby and Football. This will all be in accordance with National Governing Body guidelines.

Although we are unable to offer after-school sessions this term Harry Cronin our Strength and Conditioning coach will be running live training session on teams from 4.45-5.30 through the week.  All year groups are welcome to attend any of these sessions.

Saturday Sport

Unfortunately leading up to Easter we are unable to offer a Saturday programme but we hope to return to this next term.

Hygiene & facilities

In all active sessions we will maintain robust hand sanitising and respiratory hygiene measures, in line with the school’s policy. As such, hand sanitiser will be readily available before, during and after all sporting activities. Where equipment sharing is necessary, it will be cleaned with appropriate products after use at designated cleaning stations for equipment.

There are some Sporting Facilities that will not be in use at this time, due to changing facilities and equipment use.

The current sporting offer will be constantly reviewed and amended in line with current government and relevant sporting National Governing Body guidance as well as our own working practices. Any significant changes to our own sporting programme will be communicated at the earliest opportunity.

Sixth Form Open Day 1 (Full width Image)

Questions about Returning to School

We appreciate that you may still have unanswered questions. Please feel free to fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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