The King's Nursery - FAQs


What hours will the nursery operate?

The nursery will offer full time provision from 7:45am to 6pm Monday to Friday, throughout the year to provide full support for working families.

What will the nursery look like?

The nursery will be for 2 to 4-year-old children and will be situated in two, inter-connected classrooms in the Pre-Prep building of King’s St Alban’s (the King’s city centre junior school).  The children will enjoy a well-equipped outdoor area to support their play and development and will make good use of our excellent Forest School.  A quiet zone will be developed for those in need of afternoon naps. Like King’s St Alban’s, the nursery will be a happy, busy, thriving environment run by experienced nurturing staff.

Who will be managing/running the nursery?

A nursery manager will be responsible for the day to day running of the nursery.  They will also be supported by a team of nursery practitioners. Mrs Hadfield, Pre-Prep Coordinator and Forest School Lead, will be very involved as will other current staff.  The nursery will be part of King’s St Alban’s, led by its Head, Mr Chapman.

How will the current nursery work within the current Pre-prep school?

We will use two classrooms currently unused in Pre-Prep.  Use of outdoor learning space, Forest School, the multi-purpose hall, the Early Years library and other facilities will be arranged to fit in with the rest of Pre-Prep.  We will embrace many opportunities for our nursery children to play and develop alongside our Reception class.

Will you accept childcare vouchers?

Yes we will accept childcare vouchers and payments made through child tax accounts – these payments will be used for care of the child.

Will you honour the 15 hours free early years education funding?

We are just in the process of reviewing this and the options available for the free early years education funding and will update our plans in due course.

What age can children join the nursery?

Children can join The King's Nursery from the age of 2. We don't anticipate all children will be potty trained at this stage and we will support with any transition.

What is included within the fees?

Fees will be inclusive of everything that children will need at the nursery and will cover all meals, snacks, wipes and even outdoor waterproof clothing.

What is the settling in process?

A nursery manager has been appointed and more information will be available in due course. As with the Pre-Prep Department, it is our intention that children will feel settled and happy in the absence of their parents.

What will the impact be on the local residents?

We have written to our neighbours to share our exciting news and to invite them to the school in March to answer any questions. The nursery will be relatively small and the impact of the nursery will be minimal for residents.

How will you manage parking within the local area?

The nursery will offer the same wrap-around care as King’s St Alban’s and so children can start at any time from 7.45 am to 6 pm. This will continue to stagger drop-off and collection to ensure traffic is reasonable on Mill Street.

We will open the playground from 8.40 - 9.00 am every morning for nursery parents. We are also exploring other parking options within the local area.

What will be the impact be on the Pre-Prep?

The impact should be minimal on the current education provision in Pre-Prep.  Staffing levels will remain as will access to our many facilities.  Having younger children in the same building should be an enjoyable and enriching opportunity for our Pre-Prep children and staff.