The School Day

Daily Routine

We expect all pupils to arrive at school before 8.30 am, in time for Registration in their Form Room (see ‘Lateness’ below). Pupils should not generally enter the school site before 8.00 am as there is no official staff supervision before this time. According to the School Rules, the school site is strictly out of bounds before 7.45 am. Fourth Form pupils generally drop off their bags in the locker areas and meet their friends here or on the Fourth Form Playground. The Form Rooms are open from 8.00 am and a member of Fourth Form staff is on duty in the area.

The School Day 

 Registration  08.30 - 08.45
 Assembly/Form time  08.45 - 09.00
 Period 1  09.05 - 09.40
 Period 2  09.45 - 10.20
 Morning Break  10.20 - 10.40
 Period 3  10.40 - 11.15
 Period 4  11.20 - 11.55
 Lunch  11.55 - 12.25
 Period 5  12.30 - 13.00
 Period 6  13.05 - 13.40
 Long Break  13.40 - 14.20
 Registration  14.20 - 14.25
 Period 7  14.25 - 15.00
 Period 8  15.05 - 15.40


The Annett Building is open, with a member of staff on duty here and the Fourth Form Playground, during Morning Break. Lunch is eaten in the Dining Hall (see ‘The Dining Hall’ below), with clubs and activities running during Long Break. During Long Break, the School Library is open for supervised use, and Fourth Form staff are again on duty around the Annett Building and Fourth Form Playground. Pupils may only enter other Forms’ Form Rooms if accompanied by a member of staff.

Registration and after school

Afternoon Registration takes place at 2.20 pm in Form Rooms, except on Games afternoons. At the end of the school day, pupils are free to go home, unless taking part in after-school activities. They may also work in the Library until 5.50 pm Monday to Thursday and 5.30 pm on Friday. After this time, they should leave the school premises. All pupils must be off the site by 6.00 pm unless they are under the direct supervision of a member of staff.


It is important for us to instil in all pupils the value of punctuality, as well as a legal obligation for us to record lateness in pupils of compulsory school age. For these reasons, we ask all pupils to arrive for registration by 8.30 am and 2.20 pm. Anybody who arrives after the Register has been called but whilst the member of the pastoral staff is still logged in at the computer will be marked L (Late but before Register has closed.) If pupils arrive after 8.40 am or after 2.25 pm, they will be marked Late after close of Register. If a pupil is frequently late, his or her parents will be informed and sanctions may be applied.

Leaving school during the school day

Pupils may not generally leave the school site during the school day (including lunchtime and break times), unless collected by a parent. However, pupils from the same Form may occasionally go into town in pairs if both have a letter from their parents and permission from the Form Tutor; these should be rare occasions and permission may not always be granted.

The Cathedral, King’s St Alban’s, the Michael Baker Boathouse and river towpath and the area beyond College Green which includes the Watergate and Cathedral Gardens are all ‘out of bounds’ to pupils unless accompanied by a member of staff.