King's St Alban's

13 March

The Week in Nursery & Pre-Prep 13.03.2020

This week we hear from Year One who have had a very busy and productive week. The children are now over half way through the school year and it has been lovely to see them reflect on the progress they have made since September.

During this week’s English lessons, the children enjoyed revisiting the story they based their class assembly on, ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. The children used the story as inspiration when constructing their own two adjective sentences and after brainstorming suitable adjectives and verbs, they wrote some super sentences such as:

“The green, very clever cricket picked up his violin and played a calm, gentle piece of music.” Zara

“The beautiful, sparkly butterfly was fluttering to a daffodil to pollinate the flower.” Mia

“The green, scaly snake was slithering in the jungle trees.” Ben

Needless to say, we were very impressed with their creativity and attention to detail!

We have been very impressed with Year 1 in their maths lessons this week. They have shown super focus when adding and subtracting 10 and multiples of 10 from 2 digit numbers. Their confidence when calculating using numicon has been evident and they have taken great pride in their work when recording their number sentences. We have also worked on doubling and halving numbers less than 20 this week. The children practised recall of these facts during a carousel of activities including matching and memory games, doubles and halves board games and ‘Hit the Button’ timed challenges.

There is much excitement in the class as our Runner Bean seeds have started sprouting! The children are taking good care of their seeds and seedlings and they are looking forward to seeing how they develop over the coming weeks. We planted the seeds as part of our current science topic on ‘Plants and Animals’. Year One have also enjoyed walks in the school grounds to spot the spring flowers, new shoots and blossom appearing on the trees.