King's St Alban's

13 November

This Week in Nursery

We have had another busy and fun-packed week in Nursery at King’s St Alban’s. With the clocks recently changing, Halloween and Bonfire Night, we have had lots to think about and lots to celebrate.

To ring in the new season now the nights draw in earlier, our new topic has been all about night time stories, including Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. The children loved this story and even made their own art pieces based on the book. If you walk alongside the Nursery windows, you’ll spot our beautiful Owl Babies themed window display, designed by our creative and crafty children.

We have also been listening to Peace at Last by Jill Murphy during Group Time. The story focusses on poor Mr Bear who couldn’t get any sleep, no matter what room of the house he tries to doze off in. There’s just too much noise happening in the house, from the buzzing fridge to Mrs Bear’s snoring! Just as he drifts off to sleep, the alarm clock makes a loud ringing sound and rudely wakes him up. This story has given us the opportunity to discuss the importance of bedtime routines with our children and highlight how sleep is vital to both physical and mental wellbeing.

On Wednesday during our Forest School session, we tasked the children to collect as many leaves as they could from the Quad, so we could make leaf lanterns. These looked fantastic when they were lit up with tea lights. The Quad looked a lot tidier too after all those leaves were collected.

We were so impressed with the children when they observed the 11am silence on Wednesday morning to mark Remembrance Day. We later designed our own poppies to commemorate the experience.

What a busy week! We hope that all of our families have a lovely weekend and we look forward to another exciting week full of activities next week.