King's St Alban's

25 November

This Week in King’s St Alban’s Reception

Reception are learning all about night and day, and this week they have thoroughly enjoyed finding out about many different nocturnal animals.  They each chose their own ‘special’ night-time animal and have been busy designing and making shelters for them. We are constantly amazed by the children’s enthusiasm and persistence.  To watch their obvious enjoyment in all aspects of their learning is wonderful!

The children have progressed well in their phonics and now have the confidence to write independently, using the letter sounds they have learned so far this term. They have all written a sentence about their chosen animal, which is a wonderful achievement at such an early stage in the year!

We are now working hard on our Nativity songs and dances which has been very exciting for all of the children in Reception.  Not only do they get to dress up, but it is also a sign that Christmas is near!!  We are very much looking forward to sharing our filmed Pre-Prep Nativity with Parents later in the term.