King's St Alban's

25 June

Thrilling end to cricket season.

The cricket season might have been too short but the cricket has been amazing! On Wednesday we took 7 teams away to play their last match of the year at RGS The Grange.

U8 Girls Cricket v RGS The Grange

Our last Year 3 match of the year and the improvement the girls have made has been excellent. Bowling is difficult for them but they did so well and there were very few wides bowled. Well done to Aelwen for an over with no wides, a wicket and only one run scored. Shreya and Karla were my last pair to bat and they were brilliant, with Shreya calling well and Karla hitting hard.

This was a very close match with RGS running 71 runs and St Alban’s running 67 runs. King’s St Alban’s got 3 wickets and RGS got 6. So close!

Mrs Clark

U9 Girls’ Cricket v RGS The Grange 

The girls thoroughly enjoyed their last cricket match of Year 4. It has certainly been lovely seeing them play competitively again. We won the toss and elected to field first. We bowled well, not giving away too many wides or no balls, although a little bit of work on the length of our balls is needed. Erin gained a maiden over and was awarded a well-deserved bowler of the match. When batting, many made good contact with the bat and Ella did gain a 4 – excellent! Best batter was awarded to Eshal. She was aware of when to run to gain those extra singles. RGS The Grange just beat us but a great game none the less.

Miss A Jordan

U9 Boys Cricket v RGS The Grange

The U9 boys travelled to RGS for a pairs match this week. Three overs per pair meant that the boys got more time at the crease and the chance to think tactically about their batting and bowling. We opened the bowling against a strong attack and the opposition started well. We learned some lessons about field placings and reminded ourselves about ‘backing up’. Ralphie bowled a consistently good line and Harry was getting some good pace on his deliveries. Leo also bowled a lovely ball to take a wicket. When we came to bat, Will showed good technique, consistently keeping his bat nice and straight, and Barnaby hit some powerful shots, getting a boundary or two in the process. Overall, another good afternoon’s cricket in the sunshine and a chance to learn and improve. Well done Year 4, next year’s cricket season will be an exciting one!

Mr Atkinson

U10/11 Girls A Team v RGS The Grange

The game of the season! Henrietta won the toss and sensibly chose to field first. We played 5 pairs with everyone bowling at least one over. Only 4 wides in 15 overs! Flo, Anna and Heidi all got wickets. Mea took an impressive catch and the fielding all round was excellent. RGS scored 99 off the bat and again their bowling was also outstanding. They bowled 5 wickets which brought up their total to 125. Our batting innings started very well with Flo and Anna scoring 28 off 3 overs and all the others batted well keeping the runs accumulating. Steph and Henrietta had quite a challenge as they came into bat last. They had to score 28 runs to win and not lose any wickets. With two balls to go and Steph facing, she had to score 6 runs to win. She hit a six! Then sensibly guarded her wicket on the last ball. Such a delight to umpire! Well done on an excellent cricket season.
Mrs Clark

U11/U10 B Girls’ Cricket v RGS The Grange 

The girls had a wonderful afternoon in the sunshine on Wednesday, some of whom were playing their last ever competitive match for KSA. We won the toss and elected to field first. RGS had some good hits and we tried hard to field them in quickly, but it was often two touches before the ball was thrown to the wicket. Consequently, they were able to score some singles from these balls. Gracie, however, took an amazing catch! Our bowling was good, giving away only a few no balls and wides. I would say that our accurate bowling was what won us the match. During our batting innings, we started strongly with Izzy and Lucy getting seven 4s between them in the first 3 overs. We carried on in this vein, although RGS got wise to this and soon changed up their fielding positions. Nevertheless, we carried on making good contact with the ball and running for the valuable singles on these balls. Pari batted well, gaining our only 6 of the match, well done! We won 358 to 349, a close game. Well done girls! Best batter was award to Evie B and bowler to Florence. We are excited to see how our players improve ahead of next cricket season!

Miss A Jordan

U10/11 Girls C Team v RGS The Grange
The girls ended the year on a strong win against RGS The Grange with a final score of 169 runs to 141. The runs from the batting was very close between the two teams, but due to some excellent fielding the girls came away with the win after racking up 8 wickets. The girls should be very proud of their performance with their strong bowling, batting and fielding!

Miss Douglas

U8 Boys Cricket v RGS The Grange

The U8 boys played their last game of the season against RGS The Grange on Tuesday. It was a brilliant fixture where all the children involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was a great learning experience. This term was their first taste of cricket and the development they have made through the term has been brilliant. Their bowling action is coming on nicely and they are starting to consistently keep their bowling arm high and straight. The U8’s batting is also developing and they are starting to play a wide variety of different well executed shots. Well done to all of the boys involved on a great fixture. We are already looking forward to next cricket season!

U9B Boys Cricket v RGS The Grange

Our match today saw the U8/9’s visit RGS The Grange for a superb afternoons cricket. We got there and conducted the toss. We won it and decided to bowl first. A great decision!!

Our bowling started off brilliantly, Arthur and Oliver put good pressure on their opening batsman. This was fantastic to see! Other great performances from James and Jasper ensured we got ourselves in the best position to go on and win the game. Arthur and James continued their good bowling and were rewarded by claiming a wicket each. Well done boys!

After the change we began to bat and this started off equally strongly. The boys showed good discipline with their shots. If a ball would be better left without playing shot the boys showed the awareness to do so. Some good performances from Eddie and Rory propelled us closer to achieving the target we were set to win. Well done boys!

Overall a fantastic afternoon of cricket for the mixed U8/9’s boys. Everyone enjoyed themselves and it was great to see them having fun whilst playing.  A brilliant end to the cricket season.

U10/11 Boys A v RGS The Grange 

The U10/11 boys travelled to RGS for their last fixture of the year. Tommy won the toss and decided to bowl first. We got off to a good start with some impressive bowling figures and a superb wicket by Aiden A, where he caught and bowled. RGS set a target of 122. KSA got off to a great start with Tommy E and Harry N hitting a number of boundaries with some nicely timed and well executed shots. KSA out scored RGS, however the amount of wickets we gave away with our batting was our downfall.

The boys have had a great cricket season and I look forward to seeing them progress next year.

Mr Hooman

U10/11 B Boys Cricket v RGS The Grange

Our match today was against RGS The Grange and we had a fantastic afternoon of cricket again.

The boys made their way over to the pitch where we did the toss, we sadly lost it and were sent into bat. The boys, however, were not worried about this and went in confidently. We came up against some very good bowlers and the boys tried their hardest to dig deep and put on a good score. Well done to Taym, Noah and Sazan for hitting a flurry of boundaries between them. We posted a good total and prepared ourselves to bowl.

As we went into bowl we picked up where we left off and showed great determination to claim some wickets! The boys showed fantastic line and length with their bowling. It was so rewarding to see their hard work in our lessons pay off. Noah, Eddie, Oliver and Sazan all claimed wickets. Well done boys! This match was a great learning experience for the boys which will no doubt help progress their cricket skills.

Overall it was a fabulous afternoon with some great cricket shown by both teams. It was a lovely afternoon, full of sunshine and enjoyment. Well done to all involved!

U10 Boys C Cricket v RGS

The boys played in a very close competitive game against RGS. RGS won the toss and elected to field first. The C team got off to a good start, hitting the ball first and were assertive with their running, capitalising when they could, ending the innings with a total of 120 runs! KSA were determined to field with the same intensity and as a team they bowled brilliantly, giving very few wide and no balls away.  They started very strongly, catching a few of the opposition out. RGS had some very strong batters who managed to find the boundary a number of times.  The boys were pleased with the result and enjoyed the close competition.

Miss Wood.

U8/U9 v The Downs – Tuesday 15th June

The U8/U9 boys’ team played their first fixture together in glorious sunshine, with the beautiful backdrop of the Malvern Hills. For Year 3 it was their first chance to bowl in a competitive fixture, as we played the pairs format. All the boys did really well and can be very pleased with their afternoon’s work. Ralphie and Harry impressed with their quick and accurate bowling and all the boys chipped in with some runs off the bat, with Barnaby and Reuben even managing to hit sixes! On this occasion the scoreboard did finish in our favour, but, far more importantly, everyone enjoyed themselves and experienced some of the nuances of the game that can only really be learned from playing in a competitive match. Many thanks to The Downs’ staff and pupils, who were fabulous sports and played their part in an extremely enjoyable and productive afternoon. Well done to all involved!

Mr Atkinson

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