King's St Alban's

8 July

Transition Afternoon

There was a buzz across the school, with both excitement and nerves (from children and teachers alike!) as children from Reception to Year 5 prepared to meet their new teachers and classmates as part of Transition Afternoon.

A variety of ‘getting to know you’ activities took place, and some beautiful work was produced, ready for display in September.

The Year 2 children joining Year 3 had a whole new experience as they had never seen Mrs Atkinson’s classroom before!  They started off with a game where they found out all about each other’s likes and dislikes, then produced some lovely work with information all about themselves.

The children joining Year 4 started their afternoon by producing a large piece of ‘My hopes for Year 4’ graffiti.  They played ‘Snowballs’, where each child wrote two truths and one untruth about themselves on a piece of paper, screwed it up then threw it.  The children then picked up a snowball, had to guess who it belonged to and which statements were true or not true.  They ended the afternoon making passports to Year 4, including targets, hopes and any worries.

The ‘new’ Year 5s had a lovely afternoon discussing their likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests and strengths, then created colourful personality swirls using this information.

6DB worked in pairs to translate the Jabberwocky into a modern, prose format.  They then drew the Jabberwock, taking it in turns to draw the head, fold the paper, then the body, fold the paper, and so on, having a great laugh at the weird and wonderful creations! They finished the afternoon by acting out the poem in groups.

6HM started by interviewing each other then they fed back to the class what they had found out.  Next, they drew and coloured some abstract self-portraits, which turned out to be very weird and wonderful! Finally, some children started to write letters telling others how they are feeling about next year.

6KB created cinquain poems about themselves and posted them on a ‘Padlet’.  The children had to try to work out who each poem belonged to.  They then wrote their poems onto a jigsaw piece and decorated them with ‘abstract’ pictures representing themselves.  Two children, which were unable to be in school, joined through zoom.

It was wonderful afternoon and it was great to see children across the school happy and enthusiastic about the year ahead. A great time was had by all.

Out current Year 6 pupils took part in an induction evening at ‘Big King’s’ last week where they were introduced to their new form tutors and were able to meet other pupils in the school gardens. You can read more about the transition process to King’s Senior here.