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6 September

Trio of OVs at Good Morning Britain

We were thrilled to be sent this super photo of not one but three OVs working in the Output team at Good Morning Britain! In the photo from left to right are Emily Malik (Br 00-08) who is an Output Producer, then Cameron Walker (Os 08-15) who is an Output Researcher and Lorna Edwards (Ch 99-04) who is an Output Producer / Reporter.

Cameron also had an amazing opportunity to work with Ant and Dec this week! Cameron said,

“Staff at ITV Daytime were emailed asking if anyone would be willing to volunteer and be a stand in for a rehearsal at This Morning on Wednesday afternoon.

I volunteered. When I got there, I was told it was a secret rehearsal for Philip and Holly’s 10th anniversary presenting the show together. Me and a colleague were standing in for Holly and Phil so we walked through with the producer, cameras and crew where they would be standing, etc. We got to read some of the script off autocue – which was amazing!

After, they asked if we would like to come back and rehearse with the “real” Ant and Dec the following morning and I jumped at the chance!

We rehearsed with them for about and hour. They did most of the work – we were just sat there most of the time! We chatted to them and ad-libbed during the rehearsal. They are both very lovely and were a pleasure to work with.”