King's St Alban's

14 December

Turkey, stuffing and Brussel sprouts!!

On Monday, children from across King’s St Alban’s were treated to a full Christmas lunch.  The children enjoyed moist slices of turkey, delicious stuffing, carrots and Brussel sprouts topped with a rich gravy, cooked and prepared by our wonderful catering team,. This was a very popular meal with the Pre-Prep, who ate in the Pre-Prep hall, and the Prep School pupils, who enjoyed being served by the Senior Management team of both King’s St Alban’s and ‘Big King’s’.

Building the festive spirit, all the pupils wore silly hats, pulled crackers and enjoyed discussing Christmas with their friends. As the end of the Autumn Term draws ever closer and the festivities continue, we hope that the children will treasure these school memories for years to come.