King's Worcester

4 March

U12B Girls’ Hockey Tournament

On Tuesday the U12B girls’ hockey team participated in a tightly fought county tournament. In the first match against The Chase, the girls showed dominance but were struggling to convert their chances. However, their persistence to win the ball first in all battles finally broke down the opposition’s defence and a goal was scored shortly before the final whistle.

Up next was Malvern St James, a team which was strong from the start and managed to score 2 early goals. The team managed to keep their composure, rallied and scored two goals to equalise, however, they were denied a winner on the final whistle with the shot striking the post.

After a game’s rest and an opportunity to discuss some tactical and positional play, the girls then faced The Chantry school. With a well-organised defence, the girls managed to turn the ball over and win possession high up the pitch and scored four goals, conceding none.

Going into the final the game, the U12B girls’ hockey team were full of confidence to face RGS. It was an end-to-end exciting game, with chances for both teams but unfortunately, some super goalkeeping prevented the girls taking their opportunities and it ended with a 2-0 loss.

The girls played very well and showed some very promising play moving forward, applying the principles covered throughout the season. They should be very proud and pleased with their second-place position.