King's Hawford

21 June

Update from Project Gambia

We were very happy to welcome Bev from Project Gambia back to King’s Hawford recently. The School has a long running partnership with the charity Project Gambia.

Bev joined our whole school assembly to talk to the children about the work currently being done by Project Gambia. The charity supports a school in Serekunda, which is a busy market town. Bev showed the assembled pupils pictures of Serekunda and explained that it’s a bustling town with vibrant colours, loud noises and different smells. Bev then introduced the children to Wisdom Nursery School, which is located just off a main road. From the photos the children could see that the school is very different from ours. It comprises of a concrete block of three classrooms and a yard that is used as a playground. The classrooms are basic and are furnished with old desks and chairs. Some of the classrooms only have one small window. The school has 99 pupils and a team of 3 teachers. It is obvious from the photos and Bev’s descriptions of the school that it is in need of some work.

Last term pupils voted to donate a proportion of the money they had raised for charity this year to Project Gambia. Bev thanked the pupils and explained how the money will be used. Firstly each of the classrooms will be re-concreted, larger windows will be created, wood will be placed under the tin roof in a bid to cool the classrooms, running water will be provided and a canopy will be added to the yard to enable the children to play, safe from the scorching sun.

Project Gambia also support a food programme. The children who attend Wisdom Nursery School are from very poor backgrounds and many are unable to bring their own lunch to school. Wisdom School has its own cook, who provides nutritious food for the children. Our pupils were surprised to learn that it costs the charity 50p a week to provide lunch for just one child. Some of the money donated by King’s Hawford will go towards funding lunches.

Any remaining money will be used to provide books and pencils for the teachers to use in the refurbished classrooms. Work is due to start shortly so we look forward to receiving an update next academic year.

Bev finished the assembly by showing pupils photos of children in King’s Worcester uniform. Uniform that has previously been donated by the King’s community has made its way safely to Gambia and has been distributed amongst some of the poorest children.

All of the staff and children in The Barn felt extremely proud of their contribution to the brilliant work that Project Gambia are doing.

Mrs Phillips said, “It is really special to see where the money raised is going and how our donations are making a real difference to children in Gambia”.