King's St Alban's

11 February

Virtual co-curricular programme – keeping King’s Together

A year ago, we would never have imagined that we would have endured one lockdown, let alone be in a third at this point. While delivering a full and engaging academic remote learning programme has been a top priority, of equal importance is our children’s wellbeing. It is incredibly important to staff that the children continue to feel connected in as many ways as possible during lockdown, and therefore we devised a virtual co-curricular programme to give children an opportunity to have fun with each other, keeping ‘King’s Together’.

Pre Prep Clubs

Years Reception to 2 have had clubs on offer via Zoom such as fun Quizzes and Games involving movement and activities, plus themed craft clubs such a ‘Magical Woodland’ with optional dressing up, including games and art activities.

Other ways to ensure the children have felt connected with each other is at 3pm Story Time every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, when they are invited to snuggle up with a soft toy (or real pet!) and enjoy an informal chat and story together, with a different teacher each day. Our Upper Sixth have also been recording themselves reading best-loved stories for the children and posting them to Class Dojo, a lovely way for ‘Big Kings’ to show their warmth to the youngest in the school. The Pre-Prep children always join the weekly Celebration Assembly on a Friday, when there is often a musical element from a King’s St Alban’s musician or a King’s Scholar, and Mr Chapman gives his highlights of the week in terms of events and outstanding learning.

Junior School Clubs

Junior School Clubs for Years 3-6 have been enjoying a mixture of creative and fitness clubs via Zoom. Art club has offered variety in terms of colourful creations and mixed media crafting. Exercise-themed clubs have seen the children honing their ball skills in various ways plus more general fitness sessions.

The Junior School children also have three form periods a week, when they can enjoy informal discussions with each other and their form teacher. There are two themed morning assemblies each week, expanding on subjects often linked to our Growth Mindset poster and KSA 10 Point Plan Mental Health Plan. One of the best times of the week is Celebration Assembly on a Friday, when the whole of King’s St Alban’s comes together virtually as Mr Chapman champions some of the most significant and impressive learning highlights of the week.

Although we are excited at the prospect of a real, face-to-face and not just a virtual co-curricular programme of clubs and gatherings in the near future, in the meantime it is wonderful to see the children so happy to engage with each other and to feel that we are doing all we can by keeping ‘King’s Together’.

Our daughter attended all three of the after school clubs run last week and we just wanted to let you know how much she enjoyed them, and the chance to see her friends and other KSA children during more informal activity. It was and is a lovely way for her to connect regularly with the wider KSA community.

Year 5 Parent