King's St Alban's

15 March


Sports Round-Up:

Another phenomenal  week in sport at St Alban's. With all the children from Year 3 to Year 6, bar a few injured and poorly, playing in a school fixture. Our top teams have been riding high on their recent achievements and the IAPS girls are waiting in anticipation for their National Final next week. The swimmers had another fantastic day in the pool at the IAPS Qualifiers at Millfield School on Thursday. I would like to praise all the children for their efforts. I have had the great pleasure of teaching the Year 6 girls C and D netball teams this term. These girls have worked so hard and the progress and effort they have made in all of their fixtures has been exceptional. It is great to see all the children keen to be involved. I feel the general buzz around school regarding sport has been brilliant and would like to praise all the children for their efforts.

I would also like to thank the parents for all their support, both the children and staff appreciate your presence at fixtures.

Jo Clark

"Sports build good habits, confidence, and discipline. They make players into community leaders and teach them how to strive for a goal, handle mistakes, and cherish growth opportunities." 

Julie Foudy (American footballer)

Boys Football:

U10A v RGS The Grange

On Wednesday, our U10 football team hosted a very impressive RGS side on an incredibly windy afternoon! Playing into the wind in the first half, we were always going to struggle to get much attacking momentum. That said, we defended very well and made sure that it was difficult for RGS to break us down. However, RGS had some excellent individual players and played some very, very good football, which meant they scored a couple before the halftime break. Going into the second half, we knew that we would have more chances going forward because of the wind, and this proved immediately to be the case. James played a super ball through to Arthur M who calmly and decisively finished the chance. RGS, again playing some excellent football, did score a few more goals which put the result out of sight for us. However, the boys persevered and kept working hard, before James and Arthur M linked up again for Arthur's second goal of the game. Some work to be done, but this was a pretty good effort against a talented side. Well done, boys.

Mr Dudley​

U10B v RGS The Grange

On Wednesday we welcomed RGS The Grange to our playing fields for a thrilling fixture. We started incredibly slow, which unfortunately resulted in RGS scoring five very quick goals. Half time we went in 5-0 down. However, in this case it’s not the result that mattered. Not one player gave up, they kept going right until the final whistle and because of that we only conceded one goal. Particular mentions goes to Henry S, who made several excellent saves & Rupert J for defending well and having the ability to look for a pass after a good tackle. Well done for a good second half boys!

U10C v RGS The Grange

It was a tale of two-halves; strong first half, difficult the second. A positive KSA performance in the first half saw George, Ethan and Will. J, as the stand-out players. In the second half, the quality and characteristics disappeared. Full credit to RGS Grange for making the most of the lapses in concentration, by winning 0-5.

Mr Benham​

U11A v RGS The Grange

The boys travelled in good heart across the city for the last game of the season.  In howling winds, playing proper football was always going to be a challenge and some early touches by RGS suggested a long afternoon ahead!  Indeed, we found ourselves 2-0 down early on but fought back, running hard into the wind, tracking back and putting pressure on RGS when they had the ball.  With confidence growing, we scored two goals in two minutes; both were a result of some excellent movement and passing and would have pleased Mr Taylor who has worked hard with the boys all year.  The boys have made significant progress this term and this was shown in many glimpses today.  Hassan finished with calmness for the first goal and the ever-moving Eddie C slotted the second.  We battled hard in the second half but couldn’t quite find another golden spell.  Ollie S was superb in goal and Kian a Van Dyke like rock in the heart of the defence.  The boys went down 4-2 to a talented RGS team but should take great credit for a pleasing performance.

Mr Chapman

U11B v RGS The Grange

This Wednesday our U11B Team were away at RGS The Grange. It was a very closely fought game from the whistle and both sides played some very attractive passing football. Harry and Monty H were ferocious in defence and there was some very powerful and direct running from Finn  up front which troubled their defence early on. St Alban's created many chances throughout the first half and had the lion's share of possession but the one significant RGS attack of the half ended in a goal and at half time we were 1- 0 down. Hayden made some powerful breaks from defence at the start of the second half and in goal Charlie A continued to make some vital saves. Another quick counter attack from RGS resulted in a second goal to the hosts and despite some very determined and skillful passing and moving between Seth  and Louie late in the game the boys' efforts ended up without a goal and a 3 – 0 score line to the hosts. A great game and a lesson in the importance of converting chances.

U11C v RGS The Grange

KSA’s C team took on both their opposite numbers and a stiff north-westerly gale on Wednesday at The Grange. In between violent gusts, the teams managed to wrest some semblance of order from the ball, but unfortunately it was the Grange who managed it first; we found ourselves 2-0 down at half time. In the second half we kept our heads up more and began to move into spaces, thus allowing ourselves a few more precious seconds to control the ball. The result was three quick goals in succession, two from Ian D and a third from Ben G, all well-taken. In the dying moments, The Grange managed to squeeze home an equaliser, leaving the score a fair 3-3.

Mr Braithwaite

Girls Netball:

U8 A&B v RGS The Grange

The girls had lovely matches against RGS The Grange on Tuesday afternoon. They were shorter matches due to the rain as all were played in the sports hall. However, it didn't dampen their spirits and they were raring to go in their last netball match for Year 3. 

The A team started well but it was clear that RGS The Grange were a strong team. When we did have the ball though we tried to move the ball up towards our goal via Immie, Taylor-Mae and Mia. However, we struggled to get free into the space so the ball could be passed. The girls need to move towards the ball and get in front of their players in order to receive these passes. Alice was sterling in her role as GD and made many interceptions. After half time she was joined by Mia as GK and between them managed to keep the score down to a respectful 1-6.

The B team really enjoyed their game, they worked hard at trying to get the ball but sometimes didn't pass accurately enough to their own players. A little more work on catching the ball and moving into space would be beneficial. Lily-May tried hard to get free along with Florence and Mihika, and Arabella tried hard to score some goals. However, the score ended up KSA 0, RGS The Grange 4. Well done girls you kept fighting to the end!

U9A v RGS The Grange

A superb match where the girls demonstrated all the things we have been working on recently. They tried hard to spread out and some of them are now moving away from the ball to create the space. It was tight all the way through and could have gone either way but our girls were strong in the last quarter and this resulted in a 6-5 win. Well done to Lilly-Mae and Stephanie for receiving 'Player of the Match' from the RGS girls.

U9B v RGS The Grange

What a tight game! The score was level 1-1 for the first three quarters. Olivia worked tirelessly to get free and receive the ball. Ottilie marked in defence very well trying very hard to keep in front of her player. Their passing and catching have improved and we now need to work on getting in front of their player to receive the ball. A very pleasing effort by all the girls and it was a shame that they lost by one goal in the last quarter (2-1). Well done to Izzy for being awarded 'Player of the Match' by RGS.

U10A v RGS The Grange

What a game! It is great to see the progress that this team have made over the term. There was some very good netball played on Wednesday between two teams who were closely matched. They took a little time to settle and the first quarter saw the ball go end to end but rarely into the circle. However, the first quarter finished 1-0 to RGS. The second quarter saw the shooters having more opportunities and finished 3-4 to RGS. At no point did our girls get despondent and with each goal they reacted in a positive way. The third quarter ended in a stalemate with the score being 5-5. The last quarter was by far the best netball I have seen these girls play and I was so proud of the believe they showed in themselves and the game ended with us winning 8-5. Martha was awarded 'Players of the Match' by RGS.

U10B v RGS The Grange

Another fantastic match, with again two very equal teams. The girls movement on court has improved so much and Lily played a vital role in getting the ball up the court. The game stay at 1-1 up to the third quarter where we got ahead and the girls lifted themselves. In the end quarter Ruby played very well in the centre and found lots of space to receive the ball. In this quarter the shooting improved and a tight match ended with us winning narrowly 6-5. Ruby and Piper were awarded 'Player of the Match' by RGS

U11A v RGS The Grange 

The girls had a super match of four, 10 minute quarters. At quarter time they were leading 3 goals to nil. However at times we struggled to work the ball around the circle edge. After a pep talk from Miss Bradley the girls continued to up their game listening to advice and trying to act upon it. By half time the score was 5-2 to KSA. Clarisse and Eve were an excellent duo in defence and Frankie made many good interceptions mid court. The game continued in the same vain and by the end we won with a very respectful 10 goals to 3. A superb practice match ready for the IAPS finals next week, well done.

Mrs Hind

U11B v RGS The Grange

The U11 B team played some fantastic netball against RGS The Grange. Sonali P and Phoebe S moved well in the shooting circle and scored 4 goals to give King’s a 4-0 lead in the first quarter. In the second quarter, RGS The Grange began to attack more strongly but Jess D and Millie C defended superbly and prevented them from scoring. King’s scored two further goals to make the half-time score 6-0 to King’s. In centre court, Phoebe W, Olivia K and Esther G worked tirelessly throughout the 40 minute match. Izzy D and Sonali continued to shoot well and the score was 8-1 with a quarter left. King’s continued to move well, pass accurately and mark tightly in the final quarter and scored three more goals. The final score was 10-1 to King’s.

Mrs Hand

U11C v RGS The Grange 

What an exciting match for the U11 C team on Wednesday afternoon, The ball was end to end many a time and by half time we were leading 3-2. Olivia MH and Eli made some amazing interceptions mid court and Immy M was superb as GK, eventually being made player of the match. RGS pulled it back and the final score was 4 goals all. The girls were never ending in their efforts to win the ball back at any time and worked hard to move the ball accurately up the court in the strong winds, well done!

Mrs Hind

Boys Rugby

U11A Rugby 7s Tournament at King’s

The boys were delighted to be involved in this competitive tournament played in the sunshine and in the shadow of the Cathedral on Saturday morning.  The morning comprised four games of 12 minutes and the boys quickly discovered how tiring 7s can be!  The first lesson was to start with a bang, especially in short matches.  Despite a good warm up, we started slowly against Abberley and were two tries down at the break.  Despite pounding their line, we couldn’t go over and so lost a game we could have won and to the eventual tournament winners.  Throughout, our defence was superb as our line speed and aggression in the contact made it hard for our opponents with ball in hand.  In attack, we showed glimpses of proper 7s play; one try by Haydn involved many passes and was finished in clinical fashion.  However, we perhaps kept the ball when a pass was on too often.  A spirted win against an injury-ravished Hawford team gave confidence and we fought hard but ultimately went down in close matches against The Croft and Warwick.  A particular thank you to Charlie A who played a couple of matches for Hawford and to all the boys for a strong performance in a tough group.


The long journey to Millfield was soon forgotten as our IAPS swimmers stepped onto poolside and prepared to warm up. For some of our swimmers this was the biggest swimming event they had ever attended.  Whether experienced or not everyone worked together as a team both in the water and whilst waiting for their events. All our swimmers lived up to the high expectations that I have of them and produce some excellent swimming with some brilliant times. Every swimmer who attended yesterday should be very proud of their conduct on the day and their swimming, during our training sessions and in competition. Having spoken to the swimmers today I am pleased to hear that they all thoroughly enjoyable time. We now have to wait for the official times and the overall results. So fingers crossed!