King's St Alban's

15 November

Weekly Sports Round-Up 15.11.19


It’s been another busy week for Girls Hockey. Read on for more details.

U11A  v Winterfold House

The girls had an excellent match up at Winterflod on Wednesday afternoon. The ball was in our defending end for much of the game however, we were excellent in defence with Arabella showing superb tackles and clearances of the ball. At half time the score was 0-0. However, in the second half, Winterfold managed to sneak one into the goal with some good tactical play. Ava nearly got an equaliser when she dribbled the ball from the push back straight towards the goal. However, it was defended well by Winterfold and they went on to win 1-0.

U10A  v Winterfold House

We had some dry weather on Wednesday afternoon to take our girls over for some very well matched games against Winterfold. The U10A team have gone from strength to strength this term and I am feeling very positive about their progress. They have gained a good understanding of the formation we are playing, with Gracie and Heidi keeping to their positions to get the ball out wide and creating space in our attacks. Stephanie and Maheen were talking through the entire game to make sure they pivot in their positions and know who is high up the field and who is back. In the middle we had a combination of Anna, Amelia and Florence who worked well together and pushed up strong in attack. We spent a majority of the game in our attacking D and deserved to win 1-0.


U11/U10B v Winterfold House

This was our Colts C team and this mix of girls had not played together before. I was very impressed with their performance and how the team gelled, generally keeping a good shape throughout the match. As the game progressed our passing also improved as we gained confidence on the ball. A special mention has to go to Lilly-Mae B who returned from injury for her first game. Her skills on the ball were outstanding and she worked extremely hard to cover the whole pitch in attack and defence. They had possession of the ball for most of the game and a 1-0 win did not really reflect their dominance.

U9 Hockey Festival at The Elms

The girls had a wonderful afternoon of hockey up at The Elms. Unfortunately the coaching element of the day was cancelled due to the appalling weather but luckily it brightened up for the actual tournament. The girls improved dramatically as the tournament progressed, winning one (a superb shot on goal by Lucia), drawing two and losing two. This meant we came 4th. Well done girls you all certainly showed your true grit and determination.


U9 Hockey Festival at Winterfold

The girls fresh from their tournament on Saturday were in fighting spirit ready for the festival up at Winterfold. They had remembered to keep their diamond shape and to look for the easy passes. Lucia was on form again creating many opportunities for shots on goal finished off by Mia and Ivy. The girls won 2 matches, drew 2 and lost 1. In the 2 games that they drew they did have the majority of the time up in the attacking end we were just unlucky not to score. I was very impressed with how their hockey is developing. Keep it up girls!


U8 Hockey Festival at RGS The Grange

On Tuesday I took 5 very excited Year 3 girls to the 4-a-side Hockey Festival at RGS The Grange. They had a fun filled afternoon playing a grand total of 10 back to back hockey matches. Although we do not keep the scores or focus on results in these tournaments, the girls did extremely well. They worked on their positioning and they were starting to pass the ball well by the end of the afternoon. Well done to them all!



U11A Rugby v Winferold House

On a beautiful autumnal afternoon, the U11A boys journeyed to Winterfold for their first game of the half term and certainly brought their A game with them!  The attitude, desire and togetherness was similar to that great day at Millfield in October as the boys played from the first whistle.  On a narrow, short pitch, we played the territory very well.  Arthur M (sorely missed since early in the season) judged his kick-offs superbly and a cohesive chase pattern kept Winterfold near their own line.  Tackling was strong and the boys were quick to pounce on turnover ball.  Luke looked hungry and sharp, Peter’s hands were good and Harry looked dangerous going forward.  This was achieved against a side with strong runners.  A number of good team tries were scored and the performance was exciting and bodes well for the rest of the season.


U11B Rugby v Winterfold House

The U11Bs came back from their half term break looking very strong and this is the best that I have seen them play. From the start they looked organised and determined. Tom H showed a large amount of strength and power to run through the Winterfold defensive line and score a number of tries. Sam P and George P were first to every tackle, rucking over, making sure KSA kept the ball from the tackle. They also counter rucked very well, winning the ball back for the U11bs. Piers Js passing really impressed with his flair and decision making when giving the ball to his team mates resulted in the U11bs finding gaps to score. Freddie G was the U11bs captain for the day and led the team very well, constantly organised the boys on where they should be and what they should be doing at all times. He also made some superb tackles and looked threatening going forward. Tobias E-H continued to impress, making numerous try saving one on one tackles. An overall great performance, well done boys!

U10A Rugby v Winferold House

On a crisp winters afternoon, KSA rugby U10 ‘A’ boys went to Winterfold and played their first game back after half term. Some positive running from Jinc; quick feet from Giles; and a crunching tackle from Sam, sadly, weren’t enough to match Winterfold on the day.

U10B Rugby v Winferold House

The KSA U10 ‘B’ team played against Winterfold in what can only be described as: exhausting to watch. Try-after-try were raining down at either ends by both teams. Dan scored 6 in the 1st half and Yousery and Angus continued in the 2nd half. Mr Benham lost count due to spectating-exhaustion. He did however see Thomas play his best ever match; positive tackling and passing whilst being tackled. And the most enjoyable ‘B’ team match he’s seen for a while.

U9 Rugby Festival at King’s Hawford

After a miserable wet Tuesday morning, the weather took an unexpected turn and the sun decided to come out all afternoon for our U9 rugby festival at King’s Hawford. From game to game the boys continue to make significant progress and are improving in every aspect of their games. Many positive runs from Jack T and Eddie U resulted in a number of tries for KSA. Over the afternoon we played some fantastic stuff and were involved in very close games versus King’s Hawford, Warwick and RGS the Grange. There was a section of play during the King’s Hawford game which really sticks in my mind, Hawford had the ball around 5 yards from the KSA try line. Aiden A, Sam C and Ollie J showed grit and determination to make several tackles to keep their opponents at bay before turning over the ball. Eamon T was brought into the team after showing good ability and development during his games lessons. He really impressed us with his strong running and countless tackles. Well done to all the year 4s involved in the King’s Hawford Festival.