King's St Alban's

20 November


RGS The Grange Cross-Country

Last Friday afternoon we took a team of 24 pupils over to The Grange to compete in their Cross-Country event.  This is a very large event with 14 schools entering,  which meant there were over 300 competitors involved. With a hill to start the run it was quite a daunting experience for the new comers to the course. We were very proud of our children, not only for the effort they put into their run but also for the way they supported each other.

We had some very impressive individual achievements with Henry H coming 2nd, Anna S coming 5th and both Phoebe M and Gracie L coming 6th. Our U9 Girls team was placed 3rd in their age group which was amazing!

Mrs Clark

U11A Hockey v Hawford

This was a fiercely fought battle with Hawford having more of the attack in the first half.  Our girls battled well in defense, putting in strong tackle after tackle. At half time it was still stalemate with no goals scored. In the second half the girls responded to the half time advice and really worked hard to carry the ball until they could find the pass. We had a couple of break away attacks which both resulted in near misses. Unfortunately, mid-way through the second half Hawford scored a good goal from one of their many short corners.  Clarisse was awarded player of the match for her hard work and persistent tackling. This was an excellent effort from all of the girls and a good practice ready for the tournament on Wednesday.

Mrs Clark

U11B Hockey v Hawford 

This was another impressive performance from our U11B team, who have been unstoppable this season.  The girls all work hard and supported each other well with their movement on the pitch. Phoebe W and Phoebe S were outstanding going forwards and scoring the goals. Izzy D captained the team well and encouraged the players on the pitch. As the game progressed the girls took on board the advice Miss Preece was giving from the sideline and we saw some good passes linked together as they moved up the pitch. Phoebe W was awarded player of the match for her excellent skills and her endless running. 

Mrs Clark.

U11 C & D Hockey v Hawford 

The C and D teams had lovely, if a little cold matches on Monday afternoon against King’s Hawford. The C team was up first but struggled against the strength of Hawford’s C team. They worked hard in defence and even with a change around of Hawford’s team we still ended up losing 6-0. Lots to focus on over the remaining weeks of term.

The D team struggled to get any shape to start with and had forgotten they could use the wings if needed. By half time were 2-0 down. However, after a half time talk the girls upped their game and passed the ball well, listening to advice and brought the score to level 2 each. A superb come back girls, well done!

Mrs Hind.

The Downs U11 Hockey Tournament

The U11 girls went to The Downs tournament on Wednesday which was played at Malvern College. With 7 teams in their group they had a long afternoon playing six 8 minute matches in their pool. Listening carefully to the coaching from Mr Dudley, they won 4 matches, drew 1 and lost 1. This gave them 22 points which placed them top in their group. 6 goals were scored by Fen, 2 by Bea and 1 by Frankie. In the final they had an excellent match against RGS. There really wasn't a lot separating the teams and both had their chances in front of goal. After 10 minutes the match was still 0-0 and with the excellent work in defence neither team looked like they were going to score. This sadly had to be decided by shuffles, which is always hard, but especially with these girls who had worked so hard all afternoon. We lost the shuffles 2-3. The girls should be very proud of their performance! 

Mrs Clark.

U11 B & C Hockey V The Downs

The U11 B team played first and started strong with Phoebe S striking a superb goal into the back of the net in the first minute. This was soon followed by one from Phoebe W and by half time we were 4-0 up. After a team talk and a few tactics deployed, we changed the team around and moved the girls out of position, however, it was clear that KSA were the stronger team and even the defenders were scoring goals. KSA went on to win quite convincingly.

The C team were not quite as sure about positioning and there was a lot of tic toc where the ball was being played up the middle to the defenders and then back again. The Downs, Malvern got an early goal as the girls had failed to run back behind the ball to defend. Libby P was never ending in her determination to win the ball and was always in tackling for it and Olivia MH was often running up the pitch ready to receive the ball. However, it wasn’t to be, The Downs, Malvern were the stronger team and ended up winning 3-0.

Mrs Hind.

U9 A and B Hockey v Blue Coat

The girls had a lovely albeit, cold afternoon of hockey on Tuesday. In the A team Anna and Heidi were strong up front pushing the ball forward and Pari was good in defence stopping Blue Coat on many an occasion. We scored an early goal and were leading 1-0 at half time. In the second half Stephanie stepped up to the mark and was running back to defend as well as pushing the ball forward. Anna scored an excellent second goal however, Blue Coat got one back but we remained in the lead when the final whistle went. Final score KSA 2, Blue Coat 1.

The B team worked hard in defence to try to stop Blue Coat’s advance, however, Blue Coat were very strong and by half time the score was 0-4. Maheen continued to be strong in defence getting back in order to defend and cleared many of the opposition’s advances. Izzy and Evie tried hard to push up unfortunately Blue Coat were too strong and we ended up losing 0-7.

Mrs Hind.

U8 Hockey Festival at Winterfold

It was great to have every girl in Year 3 playing mat​ches at Winterfold on Tuesday. Although it was bitterly cold the girls played 3 back to back matches. We divided them into 3 teams and they all played matches against Hawford and Winterfold. We were pleased to see how much progress they have made and what they have remembered from the lessons. There were a few highlights from the afternoon, with Ivy M doing a 'roll-out' in defence to beat a player and pass the ball, watching Rowen tackling fiercely on her goal line to deny the opposition a goal and Arabella scoring a goal in their first match.

Mrs Clark

U11A Rugby v King’s Hawford​

After a number of strong performances this term, Monday’s match was perhaps a little disappointing.  Hawford possessed some skilful players and, crucially, a bit more size and pace.  One player in particular dominated the game and, despite hard work and brave defence from our boys, gave a masterclass in controlling a game and clinical finishing.  Our boys just seemed to be half a second slower than the opposition in terms of reaction and decision making and so we spent most of the 40 minutes chasing the game.  That said, the KSA heads did not go down and it was pleasing that we scored a consolation try with the last play of the game.  A final score of 1-7 reflected a tough day at the office!

Mr Chapman

U11A Rugby v The Downs

What a difference two days can make!  Fresh from the disappointment of the game against Hawford, the boys bounced back in resounding fashion.  The Downs brought a strong side with some effective playmakers keen to give the ball width.  As such, we spent much of the game in defence where the boys’ reliable one on one tacking and excellent rucking technique both came to the fore.  Indeed, I cannot recall a single tackle being missed and the 0 part of the score line was very pleasing given the amount of possession The Downs had.  When we got the ball, we moved it well, kicked cleverly, chased in numbers and finished with aplomb.  Haydn, Charlie C and Freddie all finished pleasing team moves with no little skill and the oh-so-promising Solomon had a tremendous full debut with two tries, one a length of the pitch scorcher.  Much to applaud in a 6-0 victory!

Mr Chapman

U11B Rugby v Hawford

On Monday afternoon, King's Hawford came across for a round of U11 matches during our Games session. The U11 Bs, looking to continue their excellent form, started the game extremely well, going 4-1 up before half time. Some excellent running from Kian, Solomon and Alfie BB led to some outstanding tries, but Kian's solo effort down the right touchline was the pick of the bunch. The second-half was largely spent defending, with Hawford putting us under lots of pressure. Some incredible tackling from Hassan, Eddie and others made it difficult for Hawford to get over the line. Unfortunately, however, they held onto the ball and recycled it extremely well. With the last play of the game, Hawford scored their fifth try to seal victory 5-4. A frustrating way to finish, but an absolutely excellent game of rugby. It certainly did not look like an U11 B team game! Well done, boys, I was delighted with your efforts.

Mr Dudley

U10A Rugby The Downs

Wednesday afternoon was a very grey, cold and wet  afternoon and it didn't feel like the kind of day that would see an entertaining and very eventful rugby game: that is, however, exactly what the U10A team produced against their opponents from Malvern Downs. The visitors started very strongly indeed: spreading the ball wide and at speed at every opportunity. Some relentless tackling from our boys frustrated many an attack but it was only really a matter of time before the tactic of going wide at every opportunity would pay off: by half time the boys were 2 – 0 down and feeling fairly frustrated and flat having tackled with such ferocity and having seen all their attacks falter through some poor rucking at the breakdown and a lack of off loading and supporting the ball carrier. The second half started with a complete turn around: KSA were getting the ball quickly out of the rucks and supporting the ball carriers incredibly well. It wasn't long before Fabian went over for his first try of the afternoon which energised the whole team. There were subsequent powerful runs from Henry, Harry, Luke and Arthur all of whom came incredibly close to scoring. It was the powerful running of Rupert and his intelligent offloading that finally swung the game our way.  Two late Fabian scores coming after Rupert offloads and a whole team effort to get quick ball from rucks and run the ball at speed, resulted in a 3- 2 score-line in our favour: the boys were rightly delighted, as were all the staff.

Mr Mann