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17 September

Welcome Back to the Seventies!

Head of Alumni Relations, Sophie Borrillo-McLellan, thoroughly enjoyed meeting a few 1975/76 OVs on Saturday 11th September. Organised by Duncan Spencer (H 65-75), the group enjoyed tours of School with Sophie showing them some of the familiar sites (cue name spotting on the College Hall boards, reminiscences of the Boarding antics, Fives Courts and finding old Studies), as well as showing off new additions at King’s, including the impressive Michael Baker Boathouse, The Keyes Building and the Library in School House. The OVs so enjoyed seeing each other and King’s again. The McClatchey Climbing Wall in the Keyes Building was a real talking point, enhanced only by spotting the remaining footholds of the old climbing wall as the group toured around.

Joining Duncan and Sophie were: Peter Homer (Cr 65-75), Martyn Robinson (Ch 68-76), Graham Cox (Br 68-76), Robert Binney (H 70-76), Tim Neilson, (Cr 66-75) Guy Sheppard (S 70-75), Steve Price (S 73-74), Nigel Burrows (S 68-75), Dave Morris (W 68-74), Sue Cooke (nee Bomford) (Ca 73-75), Sheila Nelson (nee Popert) (Ch 73-76) and David Carter (Br 68-75). Headmaster Gareth Doodes enjoyed saying a quick ‘hello’ before racing off to the pitches to watch King’s pupils playing in a rugby match and the OVs were delighted to have opportunity to meet him.

Welcome Back to the Seventies!

After a tour of King’s with Sophie, the group went off to the Cardinal’s Hat to continue the reunion. Sophie is assured the fun continued with Duncan’s review as follows, “In its aftermath, I can report that there were only two instances of head lacerations with a possible alcohol connection and just one accidental initiation of a fire alarm in the small hours of Sunday morning (mistaken for a light switch!) and one destroyed smoke alarm (an anonymous OV who awoke to the sound of the fire alarm and thought it was his smoke alarm and couldn’t understand why pressing the button more and more forcibly didn’t stop the noise!). So, all in all, a fairly relaxed and civilised weekend.”