King's Hawford

21 January

What a Busy Week

Year 1 have enjoyed a busy week, packed full of learning and adventure. On Monday they headed to the pool for their lesson with Mrs Holtham – the focus this week was learning to swim using the floats. The children were encouraged to practise putting their faces in the water. Mrs Holtham and the Year 1 teachers were all very proud of the excellent progress the children are making each week.

In their music lesson, Year 1 have been looking at the different sounds that different instruments can make when played in different ways. With the drum, the children looked at how the sounds the drum made differed depending on whether they tapped, slapped, rubbed or banged it. It was wonderful to watch them experimenting with each of the instruments.

In the afternoon the children took their science lesson outside of the classroom. Bundled up against the cold, the children enjoyed a walk around the school grounds, where they identified four different materials and discussed their properties. This then lead to discussions as to why each material was used for each purpose. The children noted that the metal chairs were strong and could support people sitting in them whereas the plastic watering can was light and could be moved around easily when filled with water.

In German on Tuesday all of the children impressed with their attempts at writing sentences. They were each asked to write about themselves and where they live. This lead on to the year group’s current topic – houses. Back in their classrooms the children learnt about all of the different types of houses that exist – the children were very taken with the idea of a house-boat! Later on the children spent time building models of their own houses.

On Wednesday the children ventured down to the art department for their lesson with Mrs McCullough.  This week they have been working on self-portraits, using mirrors and iPads. There were some terrific pieces of art created during the session – there are definitely some budding artists in Year 1!

On Thursday in English attention turned to a rather special book called ‘Not a Stick’ by Antoinette Portis. The book is a celebration of the power of the imagination. The children worked in pairs and set about using their sticks as anything… except a stick. There were microphones, bumpy walking sticks, bushy toothbrushes, magic wands and even musical instruments. After all of the fun, the children drew their ‘not-a-stick’ creations in their books and then spent time listing adjectives to describe their sticks around their drawings.

This week in Forest School the children have crafted some wonderful bird feeders, which they have distributed around the lower Forest School area.

The week finished with sentence writing in English and a good kick about in Games, with football being the focus. All in all a perfectly balanced week of learning and fun! Well done Year 1 – what a busy week.