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12 June

Worcester 2 Worcester!

Today on Friday 12th June, the King’s Foundation will begin a challenge to raise money for two extremely worthwhile charities. The goal is to travel the distance between Worcester (UK) to Worcester (South Africa).

The school has a strong affiliation to South Africa, having run numerous sports tours to the country and worked with many local charities.The plan is for those taking part to run, cycle, walk, swim or row the equivalent of the 7670 miles. The journey will take place between the 10 days of June 12th – 21st.

The two charities they are raising money for are St. Richard’s Hospice (Worcester) and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (South Africa).

OVs are warmly invited to take part! To find out more click here.

If you do get involved we would love to hear you story and see your photos so please do let us know at