King's Hawford

4 March

World Book Day 2022

Our focus for World Book Day this year was to encourage children to read.

Pupils from Year 6 visited Kindergarten 1, where they read stories to the little ones.

Year 5 enjoyed watching the BBC Teach Live lesson all about books celebrating World Book Day. They learnt all about different types of books and children’s favourite characters. The children also listened to a World Book Day Masterclass given by Michael Morpurgo about how he comes up with the ideas for his stories and how from small acorns, big stories can grow. Year 5 also loved sharing their book recommendations with their peers.

Year 4 spent time on the Library Bus. 4VL read chapter 10 of their Harry Potter class text and completed their work on the story. 4RC also enjoyed time on the bus where they discussed their favourite stories with their class mates and completed a book scavenger hunt.