King's St Alban's

13 November

Year 5 celebrate World Kindness Day

In celebration of World Kindness Day today, our Year 5 children have been looking at a book called ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today?’ This particular book is a guide to happiness for children, and what better day to read it?

We all discussed the main concept of the book, which is that everyone carries around an invisible bucket with them, you can’t see it but it’s there. You can fill someone’s bucket by saying something kind, or by helping someone or by simply flashing them a genuine smile. By doing this you are also filling your own bucket because you will feel good about helping and being kind to others.

The book also talks about bucket dippers, which refers to someone who dips into other people’s buckets by saying mean things or by ignoring people. Our children learnt that they could never fill their own buckets with positivity and happiness, while dipping into somebody else’s.

Following on from this activity, the children are going to be writing some kindness notes to the unsung heroes in our school and the wider community, expressing their gratitude by telling them how much they appreciate what that person does. Showing gratitude is another way of filling up your bucket and helps our children acknowledge and be thankful for the good things in their lives, which ultimately leads to a feeling of overall wellbeing and happiness.

At King’s St Alban’s, we want to embody the values of World Kindness Day every single day, which is why we are always encouraging our children to work together and express their gratitude often.