King's St Alban's

7 October

World Mental Health Day: Children take part in Sit Together

To mark World Mental Health Day, King’s St Alban’s children and staff took part in the Midfulness in School’s Project (MiSP) for a mindful sit together.

Teachers and pupils in both primary and secondary education from all over the world were invited to take part to recognise and acknowledge World Mental Health Day (Saturday 10th October).

The children listened carefully to the meditation, which was hosted online by MiSP. It was all about finding a moment of calm in uncertain times. It allowed our teachers and children to stop for a minute and breathe, find some inner peace and space in what is otherwise a busy day. 

MiSP run termly events like this one to support children’s mental health. It helps to raise awareness of the need for young people to develop skills to support their own wellbeing, both inside and out.

We are looking forward to joining the next MiSP mindful sit!

At King’s St Alban’s we place great emphasis on pastoral care and the children’s emotional development, which is why national and global events that focus on emotional wellbeing, intelligence and health are so important to get children involved in. The happiness and well-being of our children at King’s St Alban’s is our greatest priority. We know that happy children succeed and this philosophy has always been key to school life at King’s St Alban’s.